Thursday, November 6, 2014


^^^Picture from my nephew's baby blessing last weekend

Well first of all I am starting an organization, M.A.D.S: Mothers Against Daylight Savings! Who's with me? Seriously. This week I have been in a bit of a funk, also known as hormones, but things are looking up, Ben and I have a date tonight, the weekend is almost here and I've got a DVR with like 10 banked shows I have been saving for tomorrow night while Ben works. Here is the haps:

 "Where you lead, I will folllllow, anywhere that you. tell. me. to. If you need, need me to BE WITH YOU, I will follow where you lead..." Ringing any bells? YES-The Gilmore Girls! It recently came to Netflix, so me and every other twenty-something girl in the continental US seem to be reliving our high school days. It was never a show I watched super religiously until now and it is a comfort show to the max! I want to move to a small town immediately, find a diner to call my own and have multiple husbands consisting of Ben, Luke and Logan. Just kidding, but seriously, who else is watching? Do you crave pancakes and pizza each episode like I do?

It's November, let the FESTIVUS begin! That happy holiday joy is in the air, bells are ringing and those cheese and meat places are set up in the mall!  Although I am not one to start listening to Christmas music just yet, I have been burning my cranberry cider scent and looking up Thanksgiving Pie recipes, the holiday bug is nibbling. This year we are going to St. George for Thanksgiving with Ben's mom and siblings and I am looking forward to late night games, some St. George shopping and being on the cooking crew this year, I'll probably even wear an apron (I'm a real mom!) Followed closely by Christmas in Canada, which I am SO excited about! So excited that I am thinking Everett and I will make one of those countdown paper chains this week! 48 Days. IT'S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!

Sleep training, going at our own pace and the time I did have to rock my baby to sleep. At 20 months, Everett is finally sleeping through the night. Last week, I got my first 8 consecutive hours of sleep since he was born! We had done sleep training when he was 6 months old, and although it did get his night wakings from  4-5 to 2-3, it never seemed to get easier or 'click' with him. Everyone told us he would be trained in 3-4 days and two months later we were looking at each other thinking why isn't this working? So then he got sick and we went on vacations and we just kind of scrapped it. This summer we got in a really bad habit of him sleeping in our bed with us. So last week, we decided to sleep train again and get him back in his crib and not waking up still in the middle of the night and it was so easy, he surprised us again. The longest he ever cried was 7 minutes, he now goes into his crib completely awake and puts himself to sleep (where before we would rock him until he was in a deep sleep) and he even fell asleep in his car seat twice last week, which he has never ever done before since he was 11 days old. It was kind of sad one night when I went to go rock him a little and he pointed to his crib and wanted to just get to it. I am so happy I had the time to rock and sing him to sleep, I know that's not good child sleep etiquette but I liked it and I will miss it.  I know this was finally the right time for us, and I am so happy it worked!

This board game my Brother and sister in law taught us last weekend, which is so addicting and I ordered off Amazon twenty minutes ago so we can teach it to friends this weekend.

This local shop I discovered.

This bag/purse/tote is on my wishlist (full wishlist coming soon to a blog near you)

This fall soup that I can't wait to make

This advent candle that I am going to try and DIY the crap out of


D & DB said...

Just did a little catch up on your blog! I have a million comments I could write but of course, too little time. Your son is the best!! You make me laugh and think and I love it! I hope all is well.

Kylie Johnson said...

Gilmore Girls is my go-to show for absolutely EVERYTHING. When I'm sick, when I'm doing a project, when I'm cleaning up, it never gets old. So glad you're watching all of the seasons!! It's a gem!

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