Friday, November 21, 2014

My absolute fav new app! KEEP

So with holiday shopping on the mind, and making my wishlists, checking them twice I discovered the most amazing app!

Guys, I think this app is the next big thing. This post is not sponsored or anything in any way but I  I think it is so simple but so smart and it is so addicting and dangerous!

The app is called KEEP. It is like Pinterest for shopping. Anything that is for sale anywhere on the internet can be on keep.  They have billions of items already on there but if you want something not already on keep, you can browse the web from within the app and add anything you want to the app! (Or from your desktop with the keep button)

You can browse, just like Pinterest the trending items and items people you follow 'keep'. If you click on something you like, it shows you where it's from and how much it is and the sizes/colors/options available.  Then you can KEEP it to one of your 'collections' like shoes, clothes etc. Or you can put it on your wishlist, or you can buy it! It notices what you like and keep and makes suggestions based on your style.

Here is the best part-the first ever universal shopping cart.  That means that I can buy everything on my wishlist or in my cart with only ONE CHECKOUT. I can but items from Gap, Nordstom, Etsy and some obscure swedish site in one transaction.  You only need to fill out all that annoying check out info once, you know exactly how much you are spending and it is so easy!

I am hooked.  You can follow me here

 ^^^You can add a Keep button to your desktop and keep anything you find on the web!

 ^^^My collections so far!

^^^^One Cart, one checkout!!!


jennica said...

Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I have been a shopaholic lately!! I can't wait to try it!

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