Monday, December 1, 2014

Everett:21 Months

Ever at 21 months right now at this very particular point in time on this particular night: He has a little cold, his voice is all raspy and it is so cute I wouldn't mind if it stayed that way forever. He is recovering from a little meltdown when Ben had to go to work, he is going through such a daddy obsessed phase, I'm not mad about it. We have been building blocks, and he has been pretending his foot has an owie and asking me to open the diaper cream so he can put it all over his on his 'hurt' foot. He also keeps leading me over to the box of good and plenty's on the counter, holding up one finger and cocking his head saying 'one more?' and I give him 'just one more' although this has happened about 8 times already.

In general Everett is a ball of energy and emotions. He is quirky and very particular about certain things and our routines. He is learning so many new things and words and wanting to be so independent. At the same time though, he can be shy and cling to us around other people. His absolute favorite thing in the world is when Ben and I are both home and both giving him our undivided attention. He is generally really happy and enthusiastic, he gets excited easily and watching him light up over new things is pure joy. He can definitely hold his own in a tantrum meltdown though, and can be very dramatic about it! He is curious and busy but also cuddly and friendly and polite and we love him from the tip of his mullet to the tips of his toes!

New Observations and things I don't want to forget.

-SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!! ANGEL CHOIRS SING HALLELUJAH! About a month ago, I got my first sleep of consecutive 8 hours since he was born.
-Since sleep training, he also will fall asleep in his car seat for the first time ever!
-He learned the word 'no' and isn't afraid to use it.
-Calls me mommy recently
-Knows all his body parts and probably 25 animal sounds
-So many new words, my favorites are balloon (boon), moon, ice (yice), bike, snow (noe), hi/bye (yeye), lights (yights), banana (nana), football (muh-mall) shoes (sues) wow, yellow, olaf (yellowf) elmo, elbow (elmo), cheese and bum-bum
-Loves kicking his little soccer ball, could do it all day and is actually getting pretty good!
-Sleeps with his sippy cup of water like it's a stuffed animal, he curls up with it under his body and won't let go
-He is really into games on the ipad, counting and letter games, it is embarrassing how good he is with that thing.
-New favorite foods are broccoli and smoothies and he still loves anything sweet
-Hates shopping, he knows exactly where we are when we go into the mall and will start running away as soon as we get close to the Gap
-Loves Costco though, will start asking to hold the Costco card in the parking lot and he is so pumped and proud to give the receipt to get marked on the way out.
-Has stayed by himself at nursery twice, he struggles a lot when we leave, they say he does pretty good once he calms down but then when we come to pick him up, he breaks down when he sees us, it is so sad.
-Takes 1 nap, almost always 1.5 hours
-Like to pick out his own socks which I fear is a gateway item to wanting to pick out his own clothes
-LOVES any and all balls.
-Has gone bathroom on the potty twice after randomly pointing to the toilet
-Asks for his toothbrush to brush his teeth at least 5 times a day
-copies absolutely everything we do
-shrugs his shoulders when you ask how come, always says 9 when you ask him what time it is, and hold up one finger if you ask him how old he is


Cindy said...

It took 20 months for you to get a full 8 hours!?! Oh my goodness. I'm kinda freaking out inside since my child seems to be so much like yours. He's 5 months old and wakes up like every hour( 2-3 if we are lucky)..Was it like that for you too? We;ve tried sleep training and crying it out just doesn't seem to register for him..He will just cry and cry for like 1.5 and I can't listen to that daily :/ We did it consistently for like 2 weeks and then all of the sudden he regressed and we were just too tired to deal with it any longer.. I'm sure you probably tried everything possible to get some sleep..are post colicky babies just doomed to not sleep until they are toddlers? What did you do to cope? Sorry I probably should of sent an email..if you have time I'd love some advice. My email is or I will just check back here :) I'm just soooo tired. Should I just accept it and stop trying to change him? LOL

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