Thursday, December 4, 2014


I know Thanksgiving was soo last week and everyone has fully moved on to Christmas! We are over here popping our advent calendars (Everett isn't huge on the one treat per day part of it, which is actually the only part of it) and I am watching my favorite chick flicks disguised as Christmas movies like Love Actually and The Family Stone.

BUT if a Thanksgiving happened and I don't blog about it, did it really happen? Just Kidding, but I really am going to blog about it.

This year we went with Ben's siblings and mom to St. George for Thanksgiving. My brother and sister in law recently bought a house there and were such gracious hosts.

I give you, Tremblay Thanksgiving Top Five!

1. St. George. I give St.George a hard time, mostly because their mall is so pathetic. Also Ben and I have an ongoing debate about which is prettier-St. George red rocks desert isolation or the rolling hills and bountiful prairies with a mountain backdrop of Alberta.  Although this trip I REALLY appreciated St. George. The weather was so perfect, like perfect. We got to eat at Cafe Rio twice and Neilson's frozen custard (oh my goooossshhh I forgot how good that was). I also didn't do half bad on my Black Thursday/Friday shopping (I am Canadian, therefore do not consider myself an abomination shopping on actual thanksgiving)

2. Game Nights. After the babies went to bed, we played games with everyone and I love game nights complete with game night-esque snacks poured into bowls to eat while playing said games. We played our new favorite nerd game Munchkin a few times, defeating monsters and casting curses and such.  There was also a pretty epic game of Scattegories, where every answer was debated to death and ultimately put up to a gladiator style vote, thumbs up or down.

3. Thanksgiving Meal. We all (well the women of the family) contributed to the meal this year while the men entertained the kids and because of that it was actually pretty stress-free. We made a Turkey AND a Ham this year, things got crazy. I was in charge of mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls (Us Canadians call them buns) and a dessert. I actually cooked the potatoes in the crock pot and they turned out pretty great, plus I got all the peeling, cooking etc. out of the way 5 hours before we ate. I also made an apple crisp, which I have been craving for like a month so that was pretty satisfying with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top! It was so nice to all sit down, enjoy a delicious meal and do the cheesy-but-makes-me-want-to cry-thing and all say what we were thankful for.

4. Family Pictures. I forced the whole fam dam to go take some family pictures! This would have not made Ben's top 5, probably not even top 20, but I am a picture lover and Snow Canyon made for some beautiful pictures!

5. Cousin Bonding. Everett's cousin Tosh is only 7 months older than him, and they are finally at the ages where they can really play together and it is so fun to watch! They were so cute learning to take turns and copying each other and having their nightly glow stick bath! I have such good memories growing up with my cousins and I am happy E will have at least one cousin close to his age!

Hope everyone had a fab Thanksgiving, including all my Canadian friend who had theirs way back in October (makes more sense if you ask me).  Now onto the Christmas merriment!


Anonymous said...

Your family pictures are so beautiful! Keep taking them, despite what Ben says. Someday you are going to be so grateful you did!

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