Friday, December 19, 2014

Tis The Season

Temple Square Lights

The weather outside is definitely not frightful, this Utah winter is weirding me out, it doesn't feel like Christmas when Everett doesn't even have to wear a coat outside! As a Canadian, I want the snow and cold just a little so lets go mother nature.

This is basically a 'photo dump' post but I purposely didn't call it that in the title because no one really wants to read those posts but hopefully I tricked you into being here.

 ^^^I want to wait to share our Christmas card and family pictures with you until after everyone gets their Christmas cards, but this was the back up design so there's your sneak peek!

^^^ The little advent calendar I crafted last year. This year we went to Target on November 30th and bought little presents for each other and for Everett to put in each day (8 for each of us). Everett's favorites have been a little jingle bell toy and a small set of paints (dollar dollar spot yall) Ben's got things like beef jerky and travel deodorant and I've opened mini Tums (he knows me so well) and candy! \\\ The candle is a little candle I DIY'ed up! I saw an advent candle on pinty but it was like $30, so I made this little thing on photoshop, had it printed on sticker paper and just bought the candle and ribbon! They have been great gifts for friends and visiting teaching people! (uh oh is this post gonna be super long if my first caption is this long)

 ^^^Ben says these look ghetto and we should take them down, I say NEVER SCROOGE NEVER!
^^^It is so nice to see him in footie pj's again
 ^^^This pic was from the Riverwoods lighting and it actually was one of three winners for their instagram contest! I'm basically a celebrity there now.
 ^^^ Making cookies with Aunt Carly, lemme snap this teal quick.
"Everett fold your arms" "Now close your eyes" wait....
^^^Me and a couple friends threw a shower for one of my best friends Jordan! It was such a fun night to celebrate her and her baby and see so many friends I hadn't seen in forever! We had soup and salad and cupcakes and it was so cozy! I made this tortellini soup and it was a hit, go make it.
^^^All the deets
 ^^^For my birthday this year we went on a little night out in Salt Lake. We went to City Creek and Temple Square and it sure got me in the Christmas spirit, it is so beautiful up there! GIANT FREAKING WREATHS
Then we stayed the night at the Little America hotel and it was very luxurious and fun to get out, but Everett slept like crap and the next day we all had that 'day after sleepover' feeling, remember that?
 There were three in the bed and the little one said "I'm not sleeping tonight" /// Our breakfast the next morning at the Original Pancake house, my favorite!

 ^^^ My whole family is in town for my cousins wedding, so of course we had to take them up to temple square and it was sooo crowded and so much traffic, but worth it, I'm pretty sure.

The end. not so bad right? Meeerrryyyy CCCChhhhrrriiiissssttttmmmmaaaassssss!!!


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