Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas '15 Over and Out

Is it really over? Can we just do Christmas one more time really quick? Ben and I are in a post-Christmas stand down over taking the tree down, come on Ben, at least till Valentines?? 
We simply haaa-aaad a wonderful Christmas time this year with Ben's family who drove 3000 miles from New Hampshire to be here for Christmas. We spent it in not-really-that-sunny-St. George at my brother and sister in law's house who graciously hosted our large crew.
Christmas just keeps getting better as Everett gets older and understands more and having a newborn this Christmas was so special, not to mention baby Jesus was cast perfectly in this years nativity scene. Ben has younger siblings too so the fun of leaving cookies for Santa, sprinkling reindeer food and listening for jingle bells at night was so real and contagious for all of us!

Here is a Christmas picture smorgasbord 

^^^ Pre-Christmas ice skating! Everett in skates was the cutest thing.
^^^Grandpa Tremblay and Patrick 
^^^ We blessed Patrick in church the Sunday before Christmas, look at that little cute yeti!
^^^The one family picture we have from the blessing and you can't even see the bless-ee, whoopsadaisy

^^^We were dumb enough to go to Temple Square and City Creek the Saturday before Christmas, it was pure chaos...but at least we got a picture :/
^^^Christmas Eve Pj's

^^^Grandma Tremblay and the kids about to bake her famous sugar cookies for Santa
^^^Love this picture my mother in law took on Christmas Eve

^^^Ben once upon a time mentioned he wanted a one piece snowsuit...your wish is my command....had to get it off ebay since they don't really make them anymore ha!
The pie face game was so fun and escalated quickly 
^^^Matching sweaters 4eva
^^^Love these chickens so much
^^^That face!!!
^^^St. George Temple with the whole gang

For my own records:
Christmas Eve and Day at Gab and Bri's
Christmas Eve was appetizers
Breakfast was quiche and french toast
Memorable gifts: Ben-snowsuit, amazon $, Cassie-Weave, Cutco knives, new sheets Everett-Cash register, bball hoop, remote control car, Patrick-books, toques

MacLennans-Surprise party on 23rd, Christmas Eve-Cam and Cathy's, Christmas Dinner-Clarks (cam and janet visiting)

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Patrick: 6 Weeks and 2 months

  • Very un-happy camper
  • I know he wants to be a happy baby, I can literally see him trying but he is just o uncomfortable constantly
  • Like when Everett was a baby, we have self diagnosed him with grunting baby syndrome
  • wont sleep ever longer than 45 minutes
  • good eater but likes me to hold it for him if you know what I mean
  • so tiny still, barely out of newborn
  • loves to be held and bounced on the infamous exercise ball
  • baby acne waaaahhh
  • likes his bath but is kind of a diva about it
  • actually takes and likes a soother!!!!!
  • We have tried every colic 'cure' there is. Gas drops, gripe water, probiotics, me going off dairy, soda, and even the chiropractor.  The chiropractor said and I quote 'I have worked with hundreds of colicy babies and he is at the top of the list" ...............Oh thanks for that!!!!
  • HATES and I mean HATES getting his diaper and or clothes changed and also the carseat
  • starting to coo and squack like a little dinosaur
  • smiled a true blue smile for me just once at a month old but not really since
  • mommies boy to the max
  • likes the bjorn and the solly #praisetheheavens
  • always makes the cutest sigh in the whole world after he sneezes, every time without fail

  • We thought he was getting a little better and happier but then the last two days have been his worst ever and it is heart breaking. Hopefully we are at the peak of it now and he's on the up and up
  • With the exception of the last two days, he was sleeping for longer stretches, he even went 6 hours once!
  • He is chunking up and getting those little bulldog cheeks that beg to be smooched a million times a day. Fits perfectly in 0-3 months
  • Celebrated his first Christmas and napped through the excitement
  • Loves to coo and babble and the sound of his voice
  • Smiles all the time now, loves to be talked to, and much better about diaper changes
  • Getting better head control and likes to push and weight bear on his legs
  • On his second antibiotic for acid reflux
  • Likes to be swaddled nice and tight
  • Everett loves him and is a proud big brother and has learned to move of plug his ears if we are in the car and the babe is screaming
  • At two month check up weighed 9 pounds 8 ounces (3rd percentile) 22 1/4 inches long (20th percentile) and 38.5 cm head circumference (35th percentile) 
  • Was blessed in church and didn't cry!
  • Still likes the bath and the bjorn/solly and still despises the car seat
  • The feeling of bouncing on an exercise ball will forever be burned into my memory
  • Nicknames include Patrick Pants, Patty-cakes, Fat Pat and Lil Patty and Paddick (by Everett)
Overall we are doing pretty good, but a colicky baby is no joke-we are tired all the time and frustrated sometimes. One night I was complaining to Ben about how could we have two colicky babies and he said 'maybe Heavenly Father gave him to us because if this baby went somewhere else he would have got beaten by now' I mean that is super terrible but it kind of made me feel better, maybe Heavenly Father knew we could love him beyond measure despite it being hard! I wish I could just make him feel better but the magic couple hours that he is pain free he is so happy that I cry happy tears almost every time! It has been so amazing watching Everett adapt and adjust so much better than I expected and like I said I hope we are on the better side of things! 

Friday, December 18, 2015


It's Christmas time in the ccccciiiitttttyyyyyyy!!! I love that Christmas isn't just one day, it feels like Christmas all month long! And even though we still have a very sad baby at our house, it feels a little easier to bounce a baby all night next to a glowing Christmas tree.

Ben's family arrives in Utah tomorrow for Christmas and we are blessing Patrick in church on Sunday! My to-do list is about a mile long and I still am too afraid to leave the house with both boys on my own so most nights I can only cross off one thing but beginning to learn that is OK! I did mostly all my Christmas shopping online this year which was nice (but I do love the mall at Christmas time) I just have one more person to buy for and then am DONE!

Here's my Friyay thoughts

++Guys, I am a sewer! My aunt gave me this old beautiful sewing machine and I have been teaching myself to be a little Martha. I seriously felt such immense pride after threading the bobbin and needle correctly. I can't tell you what I have been sewing because I am giving one to all my family members but I can tell you that it was a VERY beginner project #straightlines but I've got big plans for my sewing future

++I turned 27 on the 16th!! I seriously still think I am like 19 so this is weird, because people who are 27 are old and close to 30 which I can't even. I had an awesome birthday, I got some much needed alone and pampering time and lots of swig.

++ If you follow me on snapchat (cassie.tremblay) you saw me and E making gingersnaps a week or two ago. Today we are making a whole bunch for our visitors. They are the epitome of Christmas cookie and remind me of home. My moms recipe here, and then I dipped half the cookie in white chocolate once they cooled. ++Also by total fluke I got Patrick's first smile on snapchat and it was my favorite birthday present.

++I was going to do a wishlist/gift guide post for 'your baby who couldn't care less' but didn't quite get around to it. I would have put on this wubbanub (life saver) this blanket and this blanket, these adorable teethers and I love a jellycat softie. The only things I actually got Patrick this year are this amazing hat (lion flavor), some Christmas jammies for Christmas Eve and a book! Check out my other gift guides here.

++this is awesome and calms me for some reason

++Mint arrow blogger posted this on her facebook and I was seriously dying! The last one is of BYU students and I can't.stop.looking. Seriously every single person in that frame is doing the most weirdie thing.

++And finally here is a little Christmas playlist I made that is on at our house at all hours of the day!

Here is some of our holiday season so far in pictures:

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