Friday, January 2, 2015


It was such a good and merry one this year!

I think having a little one on Christmas morning makes it a little more magical for all parties involved.  We all took forever to open our own presents because we were too busy watching Everett jump and clap and squeal over everything.

Traditions were strictly and excitedly enforced like Christmas Pj's, the nativity and huge white elephant on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning no one was allowed to see the tree/present room until we were all done with our stockings in another room and the staircase-pajama picture was taken. Again, Everett's face for the grand reveal was everything. We had crepes and my grandmas quiche after presents and my visiting cousins had their traditional mac and cheese for Christmas brunch and it just felt right.

We party big at the MacLennan house, I never have any idea what day or time it is and Everett's bedtime (and wake-up time) seems to get later and later and multiple times this past week we have had 50+ people over at our house, stayed up till 1 or 2am playing werewolf, ate ourselves fat fat fat, had Munchkin and Rook tournaments and highly competitive curling games. It's what Christmas is all about people!

But seriously, just the little things like watching Everett practice on his new scooter over and over again back and forth the kitchen floor, holding him in his fuzzy new Christmas pj's as he falls asleep in a room full of people out of pure fun-exhaustion, and seeing how excited Ben was about bundling him up in all the boots, puffy coats and mittens to take him outside to our ice rink (driveway) has made this Christmas the happiest.

And a happy new year...roll the pictures....

For my own records

Christmas Eve: Clarks. Pizza, potluck, white elephant, natvity, pj's
White Christmas? No
Christmas Day: Crepes and Quiche for breakfast (and mac and cheese with the kansas peeps) and dinner at Grandma MacLennan's.
Favorite Presents. Ben-watch, soundbar. Cassie-Bracelets, 50mm lens, clarisonic. Everett-Scooter, Ikea train, mini sticks


Robyn said...

Loved this post! I love seeing all the pictures...brings back so many good memories of Christmas at grandma and grandpas!!

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