Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Twenty Fifteen, so fresh and so clean clean

I feel like the general consensus is that it's not cool or realistic to do new years resolutions anymore? Is that right? Because we all give them up in a month anyways? So everyone just picks like one word to focus on for the year or a general idea?

Well I can't help it, the first day of the new year is just too clean cut, too fresh of a start to not take stock and think about what I want from the upcoming year. It's like that first fresh page of a new notebook, which is basically office supply porn. So fresh, so clean.

So I've been thinking and talking with Ben about what I (and we) want in twenty-fifteen, things I want to start, things I want to finish, things I want to do- not resolutions per-se.......no no, they're definitely resolutions.

-Take a photography class
-Go on a kid free trip with Ben
-Eat less crap (start a whole 30 the second I get back to Utah)
-Cook at home more (4 times a week at least)
-Start thinking about baby #2 (!!!??!!)
-Start collecting pretty plates
-Make an income from home....somehow....
-Show Ben some more support
-Get a babysitter more often (once a week)
-Go to the temple more (once a month)
-Not have my moods depend on our bank account
-Teach Everett to be kind and more about church
-Keep this blog up and get more inspired and creative on this space

So there it is, 2015, holy crap that sounds futuristic!


Purposely at Home said...

What great goals! Yay for a fresh new year.

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