Friday, February 27, 2015


I'm so excited for this weekend. Everett turned 2 on Wednesday and we had a perfect little day, but we are having his 'choo-choo' party on Saturday with some family and friends (including my best friend who flies in that night). I have been doing little party prep tasks every nap time and bedtime for hours, stuff like glue little flags to striped straws and other things no one but me actually cares about. I like it though.

++My girlfriends and I had the funniest group text going about this dang freaking dress. Everyone thinks it is either white/gold or blue/black (the blue/black people, including my husband who should be institutionalized) although I see purple and gold so I am an alien.

++Ben got me these earrings for Valentines Day. Ok I ordered them for myself from him for Valentines Day and I haven't taken them off. I got an E and the heart, I love personalized jewelry.

++Favorite dresses at the Oscars were Zoe Saldana (#1), Margot Robbie, Jennifer Aniston, Anna Kendrick and Kerry Washington. (Apparently I'm really into blue dresses this year ;) ) I think Boyhood or American Sniper should have won best picture, Birdman was literally one of the worst movies I have ever seen, hated it so much. I thought Neil Patrick Harris was surprisingly boring as host. Bring back Ellen.

++I saw on some random facebook link spam that Kaitlin was confirmed the next bachelorette? Is this true? I love her, think she is awesome and she is from Alberta! Although I would have loved Britt too, I know she took a lot of heat at the end there but I still love her. Was she not allowed to change her mind about Arlington? (Carly was soooo witchy, can't stand her) Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate. And did you hear Chris is going to be on Dancing With the Stars, anything other than go back to Iowa I guess

++Did you see this trick to stop yourself from crying. I tend to start crying embarrassingly when talking to people of authority (ish). Example-trying to figure out wrongful cell phone charges with the Verizon people--weeping. Talking to passport agency trying to get Everett's American passport-Shaky voice crying, Ben has to take over. I'm not sure why this is, but I'm interested to try this trick!

++I was dying over a friends blog post about being a sunbeam teacher

++ Number one on my wishlist right now. Mom shoes making a comeback!


jennica said...

Ok I literally agree with every word abot the bachelorette. I was going to text you about kaitlyn but disnt want to ruin it just in case.. I am soooo excited to watch women tell all with you!!! And that nursery post is seriously amazing. Your friyay posts are seriously my fav!

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