Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I have unintentionally taken a little blog break. Mostly because I got hooked on a new show.....

Here's a little doo-wop of what we've been up to the last couple weeks. Because I know you all are just dddyyyiinnngg to know...

-My parents came and visited and it was amazing. Everett adores them and it is so fun to watch.
-Played Settlers, lost settlers, had an epiphany that I might not be good at that game like I thought.
-Went to 3 BYU rugby games. Still have little to no idea how that game works.
-Totally forgot about St. Patricks day on the 17th. Convinced Everett and Ben that the 18th was the new St. Patricks Day and we could celebrate then. And by celebrate I mean put green food coloring in our cereal
-My best friend cousin came down two weekends in a row and it was good for the heart to catch up and spend time together.
-Stayed up later than I have in like 4 years pretending we were still in college or something talking and playing with said cousin friend.
-2 trips to the jumping trampoline places that Everett is literally obsessed with. He asks to go 16 times a day and spends the rest of his times watching videos on  my phone of him at the jumping place.
-Saw Cinderella with the girl cousins and loved every cheesy second of it. It was really beautiful and I want all of my children present and future to see it.
-Went to a gender reveal party, I love when my friends have babies!
-Had a bonfire with cousins and friends and it felt like SSSUUUMMMMMEER (said like Olaf)
-Read 6 books! I've been on a big reading kick lately. Highly recommend the 'chick flick books' Just One Day, Just One Year and the final little novella Just One Night by Gayle Foreman.
-Had one sick little boy and cleaned up more puke than I ever thought possible. Laundy4eva.
-Big decision making about what we are going to do this summer. I hate change.

10/52 11/52 12/52

                                        'a picture of my child, once a week, every week for a year'

My dad and my baby

'We should get jerseys 'cause we make a good team'

Everett was sick this week and it was horrible but watching him sleep and cuddling all day was a small bright side.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Choo Choo Everett's Two!

We had Everett's family and friends birthday party last Saturday and it was so fun! Everett (and us) seriously felt so loved and happy surrounded by so many good friends and family! My aunt and Uncle in Provo were nice enough to let us use their beautiful home and I had a lot of help from family!

It was train themed and I had a lot of fun putting it all together. We served chicken burrito bowls with all the dressings and cupcakes and fruit pizza for dessert. It was a lot of time but I actually enjoy this kind of stuff, getting my creative on, I feel like I'm indirectly actually using my advertising degree or something ;). I can't keep my house clean and a lot of days I am in my pj's till 2pm, but I can throw a decent birthday party!

Watching Everett try to sing along jibberish while we were all singing happy birthday to him and blowing out his 2 little candles made my night and life.

Roll the pictures...(I'm a dummy and got hardly any pictures of the actual guests)

^^^The invite  ticket!
^^^Chugga Chugga (get it ;)) straws that no one actually used, they look cute though.

 ^^^Found these little boxes at Micheals, took off the lids, painted a stripe, added some wheels and ta da!

 ^^^My new favorite dessert!!
^^^My sister made almond joy cupcakes. To die for. I had like 7

 ^^^My mother in law with her grandsons!
 ^^^Made the railroad table runner just out of foam sheets and glued them together

 ^^^Everett's littlest buddy Wesley

^^^All the little boys loved helping opening the presents

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Everett: 2 Years Old

Everett at two years old is a spunky little sweetheart. He is full of personality, becoming so social, loves to be out and about and gives the most tender hugs and kisses. He is so happy these days and so fun, he is so excited about life and every little thing is so exciting for him to do/play/learn/discover.

At this moment, while I am writing this, he is sitting on his little lion chair, hands behind his head in the classic relax position, leg crossed over the other, a bowl of blueberries by his side and watching his very favorite, Despicable Me 2 or "minion movie" as we call it.  He is sensitive and caring, he shares with other kids so well and so so playful.  We love him more than life itself and love watching him become this little toddler.

New Observations and things I don't want to forget.

-Sleeping so great these days (who knew>?!) Sleeps from 8:30pm-7:30am at night and having one big nap a day anywhere from 2-3 hours.
-Not picky with food but so busy that its hard to get him to eat enough. Has boycotted the highchair completely. Favorite foods are bananas, blueberries, toast every morning and pasta.
-Loves Paw Patrol, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Curious George
-Saying new words every single day. He is a little slower with his talking but like I said improving so quickly! Says about 70+ words, and just starting to put a few together like good job, thank you and my personal favorite love you (yub-you)
-Runs everywhere-always
-Wants to do EVERYTHING himself-get dressed, get undressed, up stairs, down stairs, in the car and in his car seat all has to be done on his own
-Although he wants to do all the daily tasks himself, he hasn't mastered playing by himself yet, like at all. And he still despises nursery and screams the whole time if we don't stay.
-Has quite the nightime routine. He needs to gather and sleep with kitty kat (lion), puppy (puppy), Peter (giraffe) Olaf (as big as him), puppy's blanket and his sippy cup. He has to hold them all while I rock and sing to him and then gather them around him in the crib to go to sleep.
-Favorite toys in the whole world are any and all balls and his mini hockey sticks.
-Loves watching, talking about and playing basketball, football, hockey and soccer.
-Can completely navigate and use my phone and ipad to his liking. He can find the youtube folder, pick a minion clip, skip the ad and chromecast it!!! Don't judge me
-Loves LOVES to be tickled and wrestle with dad and Uncle Matt
-So much more social and less clingy to Ben and I. Loves going to Aunt Norma's and Uncle Rory's for dinner some Sundays.
-Copies everything we and older kids do.
-Mastered the fake laugh, fake smile and fake cough.
-Still loves the bath, being outside, all candy and chocolate, Costco and cuddling
-Still hates eggs, getting dressed, waking up from his naps and having to leave any place he is having fun.

7/52 8/52 9/52

                                       'a picture of my child, once a week, every week for a year'

A boy and his lion watching Curious George I'm sure.

And a week before his second birthday, he got his first haircut

Love a man in a uniform {Birthday gift from Grandma and Grandpa Tremblay}
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