Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Choo Choo Everett's Two!

We had Everett's family and friends birthday party last Saturday and it was so fun! Everett (and us) seriously felt so loved and happy surrounded by so many good friends and family! My aunt and Uncle in Provo were nice enough to let us use their beautiful home and I had a lot of help from family!

It was train themed and I had a lot of fun putting it all together. We served chicken burrito bowls with all the dressings and cupcakes and fruit pizza for dessert. It was a lot of time but I actually enjoy this kind of stuff, getting my creative on, I feel like I'm indirectly actually using my advertising degree or something ;). I can't keep my house clean and a lot of days I am in my pj's till 2pm, but I can throw a decent birthday party!

Watching Everett try to sing along jibberish while we were all singing happy birthday to him and blowing out his 2 little candles made my night and life.

Roll the pictures...(I'm a dummy and got hardly any pictures of the actual guests)

^^^The invite  ticket!
^^^Chugga Chugga (get it ;)) straws that no one actually used, they look cute though.

 ^^^Found these little boxes at Micheals, took off the lids, painted a stripe, added some wheels and ta da!

 ^^^My new favorite dessert!!
^^^My sister made almond joy cupcakes. To die for. I had like 7

 ^^^My mother in law with her grandsons!
 ^^^Made the railroad table runner just out of foam sheets and glued them together

 ^^^Everett's littlest buddy Wesley

^^^All the little boys loved helping opening the presents


jennica said...

I didn't even get the chugga chugga and chew chew until now! Holy creative much!!!you know how to throw one smashin' bday party!

Bry Peterson said...

Seriously?! Such a creative mama with that fun theme! Nailed it! Everett is one lucky man and I can't believe he is 2!!

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