Sunday, March 1, 2015

Everett: 2 Years Old

Everett at two years old is a spunky little sweetheart. He is full of personality, becoming so social, loves to be out and about and gives the most tender hugs and kisses. He is so happy these days and so fun, he is so excited about life and every little thing is so exciting for him to do/play/learn/discover.

At this moment, while I am writing this, he is sitting on his little lion chair, hands behind his head in the classic relax position, leg crossed over the other, a bowl of blueberries by his side and watching his very favorite, Despicable Me 2 or "minion movie" as we call it.  He is sensitive and caring, he shares with other kids so well and so so playful.  We love him more than life itself and love watching him become this little toddler.

New Observations and things I don't want to forget.

-Sleeping so great these days (who knew>?!) Sleeps from 8:30pm-7:30am at night and having one big nap a day anywhere from 2-3 hours.
-Not picky with food but so busy that its hard to get him to eat enough. Has boycotted the highchair completely. Favorite foods are bananas, blueberries, toast every morning and pasta.
-Loves Paw Patrol, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Curious George
-Saying new words every single day. He is a little slower with his talking but like I said improving so quickly! Says about 70+ words, and just starting to put a few together like good job, thank you and my personal favorite love you (yub-you)
-Runs everywhere-always
-Wants to do EVERYTHING himself-get dressed, get undressed, up stairs, down stairs, in the car and in his car seat all has to be done on his own
-Although he wants to do all the daily tasks himself, he hasn't mastered playing by himself yet, like at all. And he still despises nursery and screams the whole time if we don't stay.
-Has quite the nightime routine. He needs to gather and sleep with kitty kat (lion), puppy (puppy), Peter (giraffe) Olaf (as big as him), puppy's blanket and his sippy cup. He has to hold them all while I rock and sing to him and then gather them around him in the crib to go to sleep.
-Favorite toys in the whole world are any and all balls and his mini hockey sticks.
-Loves watching, talking about and playing basketball, football, hockey and soccer.
-Can completely navigate and use my phone and ipad to his liking. He can find the youtube folder, pick a minion clip, skip the ad and chromecast it!!! Don't judge me
-Loves LOVES to be tickled and wrestle with dad and Uncle Matt
-So much more social and less clingy to Ben and I. Loves going to Aunt Norma's and Uncle Rory's for dinner some Sundays.
-Copies everything we and older kids do.
-Mastered the fake laugh, fake smile and fake cough.
-Still loves the bath, being outside, all candy and chocolate, Costco and cuddling
-Still hates eggs, getting dressed, waking up from his naps and having to leave any place he is having fun.


Sydney said...

He is the most beautiful boy! Seriously. Child model. So so cute. And for the record, my almost four year old can't even play by herself ... so not sure that it ever really happens! Haha.

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