Friday, April 10, 2015


This week has been a really good recharge for us! It just so happens that Ben's spring break coincided with 4 days off from work as well. We didn't go anywhere cool or anything, it's just that parenting is so much more fun and seems so much less overwhelming when you're together.  Every day it was exciting planning on what we were going to do that day. Instead of how am I going to entertain my toddler for another 5 hours before bedtime, it was like what do we GET to do together before bedtime. He also let me sleep in twice, so basically Christmas.  We hit up the nickel arcade, Everett probably peed himself multiple times he was so excited about the games and tickets. We took him to his first movie and ran errands TOGETHER!

Anyway, like I said I'm recharged and ready to tackle the weekend of 4 night shifts in a row!

++We also got a date night. I literally dragged Ben to 'The Longest Ride' last night. Oh Nickie Sparks, you've done it again. It was exactly what I wanted and I was smiling like an idiot the whole two hours, even with Ben's sarcastic comments in my ear during the cheesiest parts. EMBRACE IT BEN! It was amazing, you chickies gotta see it.

++I saw Lauren Conrad wear ear 'crawler' earrings in a magazine, so I obviously bought them immediately with an Etsy gift card I had been saving for something special. I found this awesome pair on Etsy, they are gold filled not plated and pretty cheap. I like the look of wearing just one and then a gold heart stud or something in the other ear. They make me feel edgy or something.
^^^Couldn't find the pic of LC wearing them but this Emma Watson pic proves that I definitley needed them. The ones I got on the right, link here.

++Have you guys seen this video? I was dying!

++SOOoooo we're moving to California again this summer?! We weren't really planning on it but an opportunity came up so we're going with it. Well kind of....Everett and I are going to Canada for the Month of May then to California with Ben for June, then back to Canada for July and then back to California in August.  Ben is going to be super busy so we didn't want to be totally bored out there and I love spending time at home in Alberta in the summer so I think it will be good!

++I want these shoes for summer so bad. I can't decide though, brown or black. What do you think?

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