Friday, May 8, 2015

Due with Number Two

We're having another baby!

Baby #2 is due October 30th (my moms's birthday) and we are so excited (and terrified) but mostly excited. 

It took me (what felt like a long time) to be ready to try for another baby. Partly because I was so sick and pretty miserable when I was pregnant with Everett, partly because Everett was a really hard newborn and that threw me for a loop and not a good sleeper until he was almost two! Also because I really wanted to enjoy and prolong the time with just him, and for him to be that much older and prepared for a new baby, which kind of seems silly now because I'm realizing a sibling is the best gift you can give your child. 

We had planned on starting to try in the new year (January 2015) right before Everett turned two, once he started sleeping through the night at 20 months, I was finally like 'ok maybe I could do this again'. We needed to get some health insurance and I didn't want to be SUPER pregnant in the heat of August, and I needed to mentally prepare myself to have the flu for 9 months-it was a plan-January.  I was finally noticing I was feeling envious of my pregnant friends (kind of forgetting the whole puked 1 million times last time) and tearing up when I saw newborns, but I still wanted to stick to January. Then in November, at Thanksgiving, we had a little 'scare' that I might be. I took the pregnancy test without Ben and I remember my heart beating out of my chest waiting the 3 minutes. It was negative, and I felt surprisingly really sad and disappointed. I knew then that I was finally really really ready! (Ben was ready a long time ago, but patiently waited)

It worked out that we got pregnant in January anyways, like we had planned, but I was grateful for the earlier experience so I could enjoy that positive pregnancy test that much more because I wanted it to be positive SO bad. I took the pregnancy test 3 days before my missed period so I didn't expect it to show positive, even if I was actually pregnant but I was so impatient! Ben was working a night shift, so I was alone and took it right before I went to bed at like midnight, I got into bed and completely forgot about it, then just as I was about to fall asleep, I remembered and jumped out of bed! It was positive! I was in shock, I wanted to wait to tell Ben in the morning but I was so full of adrenaline after that, that I couldn't fall asleep till 5am!
^^^Me minutes after I found out, by myself at midnight! (yes I don't take my make-up off before bed, gross, I know!)

The next morning while waiting for Ben to wake up, Everett and I made some play-doh art (he was really into play-doh at the time) So when we went to go wake up, Everett was dragging Ben out of bed to show him what he made!

Despite the above picture, I actually think we're having a girl! Only because this pregnancy has been SO different from my first. I was so sick with Everett and although this time weeks 6-12 were still not great and I was pretty nauseous and had NO appetite, I have hardly thrown up at all! Last time, the sickness never went away, this time at almost 15 weeks I am feeling great. I feel almost guilty saying that, because I hated when other people said that when I was so depressed last time and sometimes I have these mini panic moments and think that because I'm not feeling sick, I must not be pregnant anymore! I feel so grateful though, because I don't know how I could have done it while trying to take care of my two year old!

I had pregnancy symptoms a lot earlier this time as well. I was having round ligament pains the day after I found out, I was nauseous earlier, my tatas were super sore way earlier and the worst part is that I started having pretty bad pregnancy insomnia at like 8 weeks :( I would be up for hours in the middle of the night, mind racing, worrying about the stupidest stuff and it was beyond frustrating, it is starting to get a little better now that I'm in the second trimester but still not really a completely restful sleep. I have had major cravings this time-junior bacon cheeseburgers from Wendy's, like a lot (poor baby), actually all burgers really (probably why my doctor said my iron levels were so good) also fancy root beer (same as last time), cafe rio (always) and crackers, cheese and pickles (all together) oh and Costco hotdogs!!! Been weirdly off sweets, like a huge bag of mini eggs sat in my pantry for months.

I'm in the fat-but-don't-quite-look pregnant phase and although I think I am showing, no one else probably would. Although I do feel like I am showing earlier, my 15 week belly this time is probably closer to my 18 week belly with Ever. Last time I did fruit/belly photos and I am determined to do the same for this baby, but mixing it up and doing baby size with candy/junk food. (you guys are going to get so sick of belly shots I KNOW)


Kassi Nelson said...

So exciting! I am also expecting my second just a few weeks after you! I couldn't have related to a blog post more then I did this one. Same roller coaster ride of emotions and I TOTALLY get the "feel like I'm showing but probably just look bloated" faze. I can't wait until it is more obvious. My neighbor finally just flat out asked me if I'm expecting because I normally don't have a tummy (flattering) and she was arguing with her husband about whither I was pregnant or just ate a big cheeseburger…(uh embarrassing!) Glad I could be the topic of a heated debate…? Anyways congrats!

Sydney said...

I am so excited for you guys! I know it's hard to imagine but two is so much better than one! It's hard at first but you will find your rhythm and love it. I love love love having two! And seriously cannot wait to see what your next one looks like! Everett is a model baby so you know number two will be the same! You look beautiful and you are such a cute mom. Keep blogging!

Lex said...


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