Friday, May 15, 2015

Friyay! (From the Great White North)

^^^Everett and my brother at the Gilbert Temple a couple weeks ago

++Well Everett and I have been in the homeland (Alberta, Canada) for about three weeks now and Ben is in California working his little butt off. It has been really really nice to be home, I have been so lazy here, napping during the day with Everett, then falling asleep with him for the night while putting him down, whoops. I'm blaming it on the baby ;) We are missing Ben a ton and the weather hasn't been great but still it is going to be very hard to leave here.

++For the first time ever, I am kind of 'off' my TV shows. Ever since my heart was ripped out and stomped on by Shonda Rhimes in THEE Grey's Anatomy incident. (not exaggerating when I tell you I literally wept for days) I haven't been able to watch my shows. I can watch ones like Shark Tank and The Blacklist because I am not so emotionally invested but I haven't been able to go back to any of my favorites.  I thought the whole thing that happened on Greys was so so unfair, stupid and unnecessary. I have been a loyal super fan for 11 seasons and they go and kill the couple we have been rooting for the ENTIRE time, that WAS the show. Can no one be happy ever?! I have no other way to retaliate than to boycott Greys and all of Shonda Rhimes shows forever. I mean it, my favorite show, never again. In my mind, Meredith and Derek are very happy still, had another baby and living happily ever after.  Don't even get me started on The Vampire Diaries, Elena leaving the show and they're going to keep going?! Disgrace! I might also have to happy ending that show in my mind and be done. Why can't every show just end as perfectly as Parenthood! I need a show to make me feel good to replace that one ASAP!

++This video is everything. DYING!!

++We officially have an ultrasound date and get to find out the gender on June 2nd, which seems soooo far away still!! The problem is, I will be getting the u/s here in Canada without Ben! We fly out to see him 5 days after, but I don't think I could wait that long to find out together, I'm not strong enough!....So I'm trying to think of something fun we could do over facetime or something.

++I have been in Canada three weeks and have had poutine (a canadian delicacy: french fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds) four times already so....also blaming that on the baby. Also indulging in other Canadian favs-sour soothers, canadian chocolate, perogies, OPA and Two Guys Pizza!

++ I loved this post on The Daybook on Hindsight, just like Taylor Swift, it's like she knows my life and thoughts.  Also really want to read this book which everyone says just makes you want to throw away everything you own.

++I love ASOS's maternity stuff and want this dress and this dress so bad. I also just want to basically BE that model...

Happy Friday Friends!

Ps-Free Tom Brady! He's innocent ;)


jennica said...

Most of my maternity clothes are wintery, but you are welcome to anything when u get back!! I wish I had as cute as stuff as those asos dresses. Oh and I can't even talk about stupid Greys. I'm pissed too. Where are all the good tv shows? I'm watching fresh off the boat and hart of Dixie right now. :)

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