Friday, June 19, 2015

Currently {California}

Everett and I joined Ben in California a week and a half ago! Being here has its pros and cons. Pro-we just ate 4 fresh-from-the-farm nectarines in one sitting, palm trees and perfect weather Con-WE KNOW ABSOLUTELY NO ONE HERE!!  The time that we do get to spend with Ben is so glorious, but it basically just Sundays and a couple hours in the morning. None of the other salesmen here have wives/kids/significant others so the days can be long in an unfamiliar place on our own. We are trying to make the best of it and I have researched the crap out of 'things to do with kids near Thousand Oaks CA' and we've kept pretty busy, but our list is depleting quickly!  We will be going back to Canada for the month of July which will be bittersweet and then back here for the month of August.  I really can't complain, but I do a little.

Disneyland!! (Another PRO about California) We are planning a day trip on Ben's birthday next week and I have butterflies about it. I've only been once before a couple years ago (that I can remember-I went when I was 2) and I happy-cried just walking in the front gates, it's so magical. I know I won't be able to go on the 'fun' rides and Everett won't remember and it will probably be crazy busy but I still cannot wait to see the look on his face when we see Mickey or Buzz Lightyear! I have read every 'taking your toddler to Disneyland' post but would still love your tips?! What rides are going to be too scary? What was your toddlers favorite? Is there a room I can hold him for a short nap in somewhere?

What would we do without the bahelorette in the summer! Drama, Drama DRAMA! I am missing my girls night viewing parties in Canada because now I watch it alone the next day and I pause certain parts and am like 'what, did that just happen? and am looking around and like 'can you even believe this?!" but no ones there.....I clearly need someone to talk about this with! Sooooooo lets bach-cap real quick!!

-I LOVE Ben H., mostly because he reminds me of my Ben so much and I think he is so cute and sweet, probably too sweet for Kaitlyn actually. He's my fav!
-I can't get over JARED looking like a 16 year old werewolf, he's really nice though maybe? Just shave buddy! I actually think he is the one that kaitlyn goes too far with, just my prediction. I don't get it, why is she so into him, didn't he call himself like a love superhero at the beginning...woof!
-Mr.nice guy Princeton turned out to be a little cocky jerk eh?! Holy Moly! I thought that was super unnecessary of him---and no you are not as hot and cool as you think you are are boring and balding. "I think I am a very eligible bachelor to America and to the world" no just no.
-NICK....nick, nick nick nick nick....I did NOT like Nick on Andi's season at all, I think part of it is my own bias because he reminds me of one of my ex-boyfriends who was not a nice person. I just find him manipulative a little bit? and his hair is fuzzy and he reminds me of neville longbottom pre-Harry Potter 7.  I actually felt a little bad for him though when he had to go up against 16 guys all sitting on that one tiny couch haha. I think she really likes him though, I'm over it.
-I also like Ben Z, Shawn Gosling (she loves him)  and southerner guy is ok, despite his hair being a little too tall.
-Can't figure out why JJ is still there, like I know we all know a guy like him and he is the worst, serial killer (you know who I'm talking about) and gay dentist should also be going soon.
-I just realized I sound so mean! haha but that's what you do when you watch the Bach right? I'm sorry, the dentist probably isn't actually gay................but the Aladdin face was too much!
-Overall I like Kaitlyn and how she says aBOAT and I think she is pretty 'real' , I wish she would stop making all the dates performances though haha. Also I hate this seasons format with rose ceremonies at the beginning!

I finally went through all 365 of my blog posts and put LABELS on them. See over there ----->>>>>
Makes it a little more searchable, more indexable? if you will. I also went through and fixed broken links and such. It took sooo long but was weirdly satisfying and so funny to read back on posts from almost 5 years ago! I want to do a redesign of the blog soon too, I'm getting sick of this one.

These monochrome swaddle blankets for bebe deux, thinking about attempting a DIY!
This lipstick for summer, it is my one MAC lipstick I have almost used completely.
Everett's long summer naps and how he says 'love you TOO'

Have a great weekend! I plan on finally getting around to my 'return to store' pile of things I brought thinking I could get away with as maternity, possibly the beach and a wonderful Father's Day!

Some pictures of our time in California so far...


Chelan said...

His hair is SO cute!! I love you're blog, by the way!

Purposely at Home said...

awwww! what fun!

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