Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Magic Kingdom: Disneyland June 2015

Oh Disney, Disney, Disney. A day at Disney for Ben's birthday was everything we wanted and more.  I teared up twice, once because the air conditioning on It's a Small World was so so beautiful and second during the Mickey Soundtastic parade because it was so classically Disney and the music was so loud and the dancers and characters were SO happy and I just love my family!

Everett did so much better than we even hoped. He played hard and was thoroughly over stimulated from the second we got there till the second we left, he did something he has never done before: FELL ASLEEP IN HIS STROLLER for a little nap, so I booked it to an air conditioned room and Ben hit up the single rider lines for the fun rides that his pregnant wife and toddler couldn't do! Everett's favorite parts were the parades (they really were incredible) and Gadget's Go Coaster, which I thought he would scream and cry on but he loved it!

All in all, a really really good day, my only regrets were the two $4 dollar churros that weren't even close to as good as Costco's and not braving the lllllooonnngggg lines for a picture with characters.

Until next time Walt!

Oh also: I saw my favorite famous blogger Sydney from the Daybook like four times! (But I was too chicken, and sweaty, to talk to her!)


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