Thursday, July 16, 2015

Waterton 2015

Well here is my annual Waterton post, with mostly all the same pictures, just a year older (And if that isn't an enticing intro I don't know what is)

We went camping last weekend there with my parents and little sister and it was a quick, fun, very windy trip. If you ask Everett what we did in Waterton he says 'throw rocks' which he's not wrong about, there are a lot of good places to throw rocks and it was his and Hailey's preferred activity. Despite the winds being like 1000 km/h we still did all the good things including a quarter of the easiest hike there, mainstreet, ice cream at Big Scoop and Red Rock Canyon.  The wind snubbed our wiener roast and so we ate a Waterton restaurant for probably the first time in my life (we have had a cabin there until recently) which actually tasted like the best, overpriced burger this pregnant lady could have asked for!

All in all it was a success because breakfasts while camping can't be beat and I got some good pictures...

^^^Look at that 'tude

 ^^^^This is basically how we slept.....all night!

^^^I have this same picture from the last two years but this year didn't have my wide angle lens and we were about to blow off the cliff so not as epic, but there's always next year.


jennica said...

Love all the pics and your cute bump!!! I want to be in waterton right this second!

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