Friday, September 4, 2015


So long sweet summer

It has been a while since I have done a FRIYAY post and since it's 6:15 in the morning, I can't sleep slash I am trying to win a radio contest at 6:40 I thought I would do a little update.

++WE are officially back in Provo with Ben and it is gooooooddd. Although I have this hint of sadness that summer is over. We moved to a new apartment and at the moment it is pure moving-boxes-everywhere-nothing-has-a-place-chaos. I seriously open boxes and move things to different boxes and then end up throwing everything in the baby's room which has become a catch all. I am so anxious to set up and get organized and vacumn and decorate and it feel like ours. I have like 500 different screenshots on my phone right now of stuff like ikea and target furniture, diy projects I want to do for the boys rooms and rugs-I WANT ALL THE RUGS, why do they have to be so freaking expensive? I should probably just find the box with the shower curtain first though.

++ GUYS MY SISTER AND I ARE GOING TO THE TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT TONIGHT! Another reason I couldn't sleep, because I have butterflies already I am so excited. This is the one concert I want to go to in the world. I am 26 years old, 32 weeks pregnant, paid a small fortune for the complete nosebleeds but still think this is going to be one of the best nights of my life.

'A once in a lifetime experience' 'I know every lyric to every song she is going to sing tonight and that is never going to happen again' 'Something I will regret forever if I don't do' 'I will be telling my future generations about this concert' = All arguments I used to try and convince Ben to let me buy tickets

Between my sister and I we have probably called 5 different SLC radio stations over 5000 times in the last week trying to win floor seats and stuff. I feel like a teenager again trying to win radio contests again but I seriously get sweaty hands and heart races the whole time really thinking I am going to win.

I was calling this one station a thousand times, double fisting with my phone and my mother in laws landline, over and over just getting the busy signal.  Ben was in another room and played this horrible trick on me-he picked up the other landline phone and put on his best radio voice 'This is 97.1, congratulations you are the 97th caller' and for about 6 seconds I died, heart dropped, tears in my eyes died until I realized I could still hear the busy signal over his voice. SO SO CRUEL!

++ It is usually this time of year that I start getting so excited for fall TV shows to come back on, but this year it is not the same! If you read this last post about my fallout with my favorite shows you get it. Shonda Rhimes has basically ruined everything for me-never watching Grey's again, I am also boycotting her other two shows I loved-Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder because as the 'little person' in her world, I have no other way to retaliate than that. Also Parenthood ending was devastating, Vampire Diaries is just stupid now and so I don't know what to be excited about! I still like the Good Wife, Nashville, The Blacklist, Suits and the little funny ones like New Girl and the Mindy Project but I need some serious drama amazing replacements for Parenthood and Greys-come on TV making People!

++ So I am 32 weeks pregnant and things are getting REAL! I was talking to Ben the other day and it dawned on me that if this baby came the same time Everett did, he would be here in 5 weeks....5 WEEKS>!?!>!?SDJGJA And then I started having a panic attack. That sounds way too soon for me. I am really really excited to meet this baby but to be honest I am really really nervous. Everett was a really hard baby, he was colicky and cried for 4 straight months and didn't sleep and I wished away his newborn days at the time. I just haven't figured out the logistics of how you make two children work. No seriously? I know people do it every day, it just seems like the little things will be exponentially harder? I don't even know, I sound negative, but I just really want to soak up that newborn stage and ENJOY it all while still making Everett feel loved and secure. Easy Peasy right?!

Well I hope you all have a good weekend I know I will because "I'M FEELING 22>!?!>" and "IT FEELS LIKE A PERFECT NIGHT" and "WELCOME TO SALT LAKE-I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU!


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