Thursday, October 15, 2015

Everett: 2.7

I thought I would stop doing his age-updates after age 2 because not much changes after that, but I was so wrong! Everett is the funniest, sweetest kid lately and I feel the need to document it.

His language has exploded recently, and even though I need to translate a lot, I am loving getting more inside his head and seeing so much more of his personality. I literally love just talking to him all day long.

He is definitely a two year old and can be emotional and frustrating sometimes but most days he is so happy and so loving. Multiple times a day, he will throw his arms around my neck, put his cheek to my cheek and say 'love you too mom' or tell me he likes my hair or to 'cuddle me'.

I wanted to write down some of the hilarious things he is doing these days, maybe these are just funny to Ben and I because half of it is his little voice and facial expressions but we think he is pretty adorable.


Thinks most owies are 'mosquito bites'

He saw someone pushing a lawn mower for the first time this summer and looked at it, then looked at me and asked 'grass vacumn????'

Wants to clink and do 'cheers' but with anything that we are eating that is the same. If we are both drinking apple juice-Cheers, if we are both eating Oreos, we cheers with our oreos etc.

Says 'Bye bye, love you too' to everyone-grandparents, target employees, also inanimate objects like to his car seat or the library.

Whenever we asked him where he wanted to eat, he was telling us 'ding dong place' and for so long we had no idea what he was talking about.  Then one day we were driving and he started pointing and yelling excitedly 'Ding dong place, ding dong place' it was Taco Bell-we have only eaten there like one time with him so long ago and had no idea he even liked or remembered it.

Everyone always comments that he is so polite and well mannered, because he is, almost too much- he says thank you, please or sorry for EVERYTHING! Even if he is having a full blown screaming tantrum he will be screaming 'No thank you mom!"
- Everett-'Mom, me downstairs?" 'sure Everett' "THANK YOU MOM!' like I just told him he could have a car.
-Me-"hey Ev can you put this in the garbage for me?' Everett-'yes please mom, thank you mom!'
-Me-'hey Everett, can you put away your crayons Everett-'No thank you mom, sorry mom'

He also loves to give praise-if we are playing a game and I do something right, he jumps up, gives me the biggest hug and says 'good job mom' or the other day I told him it was Ben and I's anniversary and that means we have been married for 5 years, he said 'AWESOME JOB MOMDAD"

We were watching general conference and anytime one of the apostles he came on he said 'great grandpa?' or anytime anyone would say Christ he would gasp and say 'Me remember Christ!!" (from saying it in his prayers)

Ran into a wall the other day "Ouch, Sorry Me"

Me-Hey Everett do you want to go the library tomorrow?
Everett-We go now?
Me-No tomorrow
Everett-awwww poor me!

Ben asked him if he could name any shapes off the top of his head-he got confused and started feeling his head

After a short nap one day, I came and got him from his bed and was asking him why he woke up so quick? Did he have a bad dream? Did he want to go back to sleep? Was he too hot? He looked at me and groggily said 'Stop talking mom'

He showed me to sit down in the living room, told me to 'not looking me' 'stay here mom' and then went into the kitchen, kept making sure I wasn't following him, pulled a chair to the counter, got two banana chocolate chip muffins off the plate, took them behind the pantry and took like twenty minutes to eat both of them. Then came back and said 'ok mom, lets go mom' with his hands and face covered in chocolate chips.

Is adamant that we are naming the baby "A"

During a prayer, he thinks he can do anything as long as he keeps his eyes closed, so he will feed himself his food with his eyes closed the whole time.

The other night while putting him to bed- Me-"night night Everett" Everett-"night night sweetheart'

The other day I told him thank you for something and he replied
Everett-'most welcome mom'
Me-'did you just say most welcome?'
Everett-'ya, most welcome mom'
Me-'where did you even learn that?'
Everett-Peppa Pig-Daddy Pig
(Thank you weird little british cartoon for making him so polite haha)


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