Monday, October 5, 2015

Maternity Pictures

This past weekend, I 'hired' my sister to take some maternity pictures of me. I didn't take maternity pictures with Everett and have always regretted it, so this time I wanted to be sure to do it right around 36 weeks, just in case the baby came early and before all the swelling and huge uncomforable-ness could kick in!

 I had a hard time during my first pregnancy, but this pregnancy has been so wonderful and gone by so fast. I used to kind of hate it when people would tell me they loved being pregnant because I felt so crappy the first time but this time-I get it! I love it. I feel beautiful and so aware of my divine purpose and what are bodies are made for. I feel silly posting so many solo glamour shots of myself but I am going to anyways because the canyon is so beautiful this time of year and all these feelings are something I want to remember and document.


Lex said...

Beautiful photos! I absolutely love your white dress!

Okay, I have to say that I'm super happy to hear that your second pregnancy has been better. I'm pregnant with my first and it's been... awful. Ha. (I sound so ungrateful. ;) This gives me hope that the next time around won't be as bad.

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