Saturday, November 21, 2015

FriYAY on a Saturday

I've been a little womp womp lately, mostly because of how little sleep I have been getting but this weekend has got me so excited for all the upcoming holiday magic that I am feeling a lot better! Canada celebrates our thanksgiving in October and I have to confess that I prefer the American Thanksgiving in November.  It feels like a string of holiday family time and celebration right in a row and there is so much to look forward to! We went to the Lighting of the Riverwoods here in Provo last night and it was so festive and happy and hustle-ie bustle-ie, there were literal angel choirs singing.  Then tomorrow we are having an early thanksgiving with Ben's mom and sister's family and I can't wait. I'm making an apple crisp, which is basically my ultimate comfort food. On Tuesday we are leaving for Arizona to celebrate thanksgiving with my family and some cousins-'Everything's coming up Waters'     <---Anyone?

++Everett has taken to the idea of a warm mug of hot chocolate, he says 'Me so hot, me want hot chocolate' so he's got it a little backwards but he has been requesting it daily. Too bad we only have the sugar free stuff bought on a healthy kick of Christmas past or something. I think they may have discontinued my favorite ever-Stephen's Roasted Hazelnut, because it's going for over 10 bucks a can on Amazon. If anyone sees it anywhere at regular price, please buy me a can and I'll pay you back.

++We tried to start a new tradition on the first snow of the year, see my post here.

++Ok so have you guys listened to the new One Direction CD??? It is so AMAZING! I literally wept in the car on the way to Costco when listening to "Love You Goodbye" and "If I could Fly" Yes, hormones but also they are love genies.

++I love Christmas books, I wrote this post last year about some of my favorites. I can't remember who but someone posted on instagram about this adorable looking book for kids. It reminds me of Canada and we may need to add it to our little collection.

++Gap is 40% off your purchase today (50% off for gapcard members) which is usally as good as it gets even on Black Friday. Don't get me wrong, I love Black Friday shopping (I'm Canadian so I'm allowed to like it) but you might as well grab what you want before they run out of sizes! I got this shirt and dubbed it the most perfect shirt, these tiny little pants for Patrick (they've already sold out and restocked twice) and this little hat that I can't even!

++This video "Mom before company comes over" is serious lolzzzzzz. "David! I need bird feeders in every window!"

Only 32 Sleeps till Christmas!


Kassi Nelson said...

Maceys has a ton of Stephens hot cocoa flavors including Roasted Hazelnut 2 for $7.00 right now. :)

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