Friday, November 6, 2015

Halloween Fifteen!

 ^^^Everett: Caveman 2015
^^^Patrick: Dalai Lama 2015

I know we are all so over Halloween already and have moved onto Thanksgiving and Christmas but I need to blog our cuteness!

**Side ramble: Last year, I somehow lost all of our Halloween pictures from my phone and camera and computer. They were just gone, tears were shed, every back up program you can imagine was run and failed.  So the only pictures I have from Halloween where Everett was the cutest little Einstein you could imagine are the ones I posted on my blog.  Although they are not full quality when you post them on a blog, they are better than nothing and that is why blogs are the best and save lives and I have the OCD need to document everything!

This Halloween was pretty special, my first with two babes, my parents were in town and Everett was so hyper and loved every second of it. We took him trick or treating on my aunt and uncles 'rich people street' (everyone else in Provo had the same idea-it was nuts! Like the movies!) and although we only made it to about 15 houses, Everett was pretty proud of his stash! My aunt makes a huge batch of amazingly delicious homemade chicken noodle soup every Halloween (cutest tradition I want to steal-but probably will buy from a bakery or something because making your own noodles?! That is next level cookery) Everett's favorite part was handing out the candy at my aunt and uncle's though. There was a constant steady stream of trick or treaters (they get 500+) and every time the doorbell rang (every 10 seconds) Everett would sprint to the door screaming 'MORE COMING' and then hand each kid a candy saying 'trick or treat' as he put it in their bag.  He also refused to hand out candy to the kids with scary costumes!

This may be the last year that I get to pick E's costume before he wants some store bought iron man or something (crying-I was raised on and LOVE handmade costumes) I almost made the boys costumes by myself, my mom may or may not have helped (a lot) with the sewing part but it was so fun to have it all come together and Everett got so into character! Patrick stayed in his costume for about 10 minutes and slept through most of Halloween but one day he'll appreciate his mom getting him dressed up at 10 days old I am sure!

Ok now that's done-onto the Turkey's and twinkly lights!!


jennica said...

Whoa back up! I need some Patrick and birth story details!!

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