Monday, November 9, 2015

Patrick Scott Tremblay: A Birth Story

I wanted to share Patrick's birth story, I love reading birth stories and even three weeks later it was harder to remember so I want to have it all written down. I love looking back at Everett's. Mine is definitely not the prettiest or most inspiring, and I will tell you it was freaking painful and QUICK and may be too detailed for some, but it is the beginning to the story of one of the loves of my life and so it's one of the greatest stories (for me) to tell.

My due date was October 30th, although my induction date had been set for October 22nd. Due to the baby measuring small, low fluid, and slightly elevated blood pressure I had been going for weekly non-stress tests and checks which is why they wanted to induce me. Two days before my induction I was grocery shopping with Everett in the morning and I decided to check my blood pressure at one of those machines they have in the pharmacy. I was just curious since it had been high at my last appointment and when I went to go get my flu shot a couple days before they said it was high but not too too high. I tested it on the machine and it said it was WAY higher than my last appointment...hmmm...It said seek medical attention immediately. I didn't think too much of it because I felt fine and who knows how accurate these machines are and I had my regular appointment and non-stress test in a couple hours.

When I went in for my appointment a few hours later I mentioned to my nurse that I had taken my blood pressure at the store and told her the numbers. She took my pressure again. It was even higher than in the store and then they checked my urine and found protein in it. The doctor told me I needed to go over to the hospital right away. He checked me before I left and I was still 2 cm and 80% effaced, which I had been at for a couple weeks. I was starting to get a little bit stressed at this point, why was my blood pressure so high? Why do I have to go to the hospital? Was the baby ok? I was NOT prepared for this baby today. I called my mom and Ben, but told him to wait and stay with Everett until I figured out what was going on.

I got to the hospital and checked in and got in the gown and get up and stuff. They hooked me up to all the monitors and started taking my blood pressure every 5 minutes.  They said I had preeclampsia and they were just going to draw some blood, run some tests and see what the doctor wanted to do. Then they started an IV just in case and they might as well because they were getting blood. I am SUCH a wimp with IV's and swear it hurt worse than getting my epidural last time. Finally they told me that they were going to induce me today, and that didn't October 20th sound like a great birthday? and to get comfortable and call Ben. I officially started freaking out at this point. I know it was only two days before my scheduled induction but I did not feel ready. I called my siblings to see if they could go watch Everett, Ben called his mom to see if she could come that night to stay with E and I had Ben running around packing up the last minute things for my hospital bag.  I was sad. I felt overwhelmed and under prepared. I wanted to say goodbye properly to Everett because this would be the first time in his life we had spent the night away from each other and this sounds really vain and stupid but I hadn't showered that day and I really wanted to be showered and have curled my hair or something, I felt gross. I had everything planned for THURSDAY!  I tried to focus on the good, we were going to meet our baby today, Ben was actually going to be here for labor this time (he made it with only a few minutes to spare with Everett's birth in Canada) and I guess October 20th did sound like a good birthday :)

My awesome nurse told me she convinced the doctor I could eat before they started the pitocin, I was starving and hadn't eaten since early that morning. I had my brother bring me a huge firehouse sub before he headed to my house to watch Everett and it was the best meal ever! They started the pitocin at 5pm and Ben got there about 15 minutes later. It was time to just wait now. I was having contractions about 7 or 8 minutes apart after they started the drip, but they were totally bearable and I could still breathe and talk through them. Ben finished up some last minute work and I started watching Dancing with the Stars on my ipad. The nurse asked me if I wanted the epidural but I told her I wasn't quite ready, that the contractions weren't too bad and we just barely got started! I don't know why I was trying to be some kind of hero, a decision I would GREATLY regret later. I don't know why in my head I thought I should wait to get the epidural, I thought it was going to like run out or something before I had the baby?! I guess I wanted Ben to see me be strong and in some kind of pain (remember he missed my first labor) and I was so scared of needles that I wanted the contractions to be bad enough that I didn't feel the epidural needle or care. The nurse told me that the anesthesiologist had to be in a c-section at 6:15 for probably 30 mins and to keep that in mind. I was still a stupid idiot and told her I could wait till after his c-section, my contractions were getting a little more painful but still nothing like the ones I had when I was getting close with Everett.

At 7pm, 2 hours after I had started the medication, the nurse checked me-I was at a 2.5. I had only progressed 0.5 in 2 hours, the nurse upped my dosage of the pitocin. I don't know if it was her checking me, or the upped pitocin but minutes after she left my contractions started coming hard and fast! It seemed they were about 1-2 minutes apart, I couldn't talk or anything through them. I made Ben come stand beside me and I either squeezed his hand as hard as I could or had him put his hand out so I could hit it over and over. Ok I wanted the epidural now! LIKE NOW! Well it turns out that the c-section that was supposed to be at 6:15 the doctor was late for and so now they were just heading into the c-section and it would be another 30 minutes. They told me they could give me some fentanyl to help with the pain but I really didn't want to be or feel loopy so I declined (again, stupid) My parents called and I could barely talk to them because I would have to stop and try and not die through the contraction which were less than a minute apart. Then I got a call from a random number and because I am incapable of not answering an unknown number, I answered it-it was the freaking BYU telefund. To anyone that gets calls from the BYU telefund knows, OF COURSE they would call while I am IN extreme labor, I hung up on them immediately. GOSH!

My contractions kept getting more painful and I started getting the shakes uncontrollably. My whole body felt like it was spasming and I couldn't stop it, especially my legs and butt, I was shaking so hard. The nurse said it was from the adrenaline but I unknowingly started hyperventilating during each contraction and everyone was just saying breathe breathe breathe and I told the nurse I wanted the fentanyl now! She went to go get it just as the anesthesiologist FINALLY walked in just after 8pm. He started trying to get the epidural in but I was shaking so bad it took a couple tries and I kept having back to back contractions and he was trying to wait until they were over but I just told him to HURRY! He got it in eventually and I kept asking/crying why I could still feel my contractions. He said it would take about 10 minutes to kick in.  Right after he finished the nurse checked me, I was at a 5. I didn't think the contractions could get worse but right after that they seemed to and I still couldn't feel my freaking epidural. About 2 minutes later I experienced the worst pain and pressure I have ever felt in my life and I felt my water break. I was screaming and crying at this point. (I prided myself on not screaming during labor with Everett) but no pride this time. I kept telling Ben that it felt like my 'downstairs' was exploding! I felt the most painful pressure.  Ben buzzed the nurse and told her my water broke and I needed those other drugs ASAP! He was being so supportive and I was being a crazy person, literally yelling that my vagina was exploding! The nurse ran in with the fentanyl but had to check me first because they couldn't give it if I was past a 6. She checked me and was so surprised because I was at a 10 and the baby was coming! This had all been in 10 minutes since I got the epidural, I went from a 5-10 in 10 minutes. The nurse and the anesthesiologist who had come back in told me that my body was changing too fast so the epidural couldn't keep up and that is why my water breaking was so painful, because I was 'changing' too quickly and the baby moved down so fast.

On my next contraction I felt and told them that I needed to push. I told them in tears that I wanted the epidural, I didn't want to feel anything and I could NOT PUSH if I could feel it, I wanted the epidural! Every contraction the pressure built so so much and I needed to push BAD! They kept telling me not to push yet, wait for the doctor. My doctor wasn't even at the hospital yet because I had gone so quickly and one of the nurses was on the phone with her (apparently she was right in front of a cop car and couldn't speed) but the back up doctor and a resident doctor came in just in case and stood in front of me. They said to just try and wait as I still was rambling/crying about wanting the epidural and I couldn't do this without it! I am actually glad they made me wait for the doctor though because in the 7 minutes or so it took for her to get there, my epidural finally started working down my body and I was getting some relief from the contractions but could still feel the crazy pressure on my pubic bone.

The doctor finally got there, made some joke I can't remember about how that escalated quickly and about the cop and I'm like ok come on I need to push lady! She came over and checked me and told me the baby was sunny side up (face up, just like Everett) and she flipped him inside me then told me it was time to push! I pushed through my next contraction. I remember my mom telling me the first time with Everett, push as hard as you can and then push 10 times harder than that. So I pushed as hard as I possibly could, I could feel the baby moving down and Ben said he could see the head! I asked them if I should keep pushing? They said no take a break, but I just wanted this painful pressure over and it all to be over so I said 'I'm just going to keep going' and I pushed again as hard as I could and then I felt the baby slip out (apparently the doctor snipped me just a tiny bit) and sweet sweet relief! I had pushed for less than 90 seconds and he was here! It was 9:03pm, only 4 hours since they had started the induction. Ben cut the cord and I asked if he was ok? The nurses said he's so tiny and cute and yes he's ok, he was letting out the tiniest little cries. Seconds later they put him on my chest while the doctor stitched and stuff. I was kind of taken aback and almost surprised. I was so focused on my pain and getting labor over with that I almost forgot that this was all to get my baby here. I was like oh ya, a baby comes at the end of that.  He was so perfect and so small and he looked just like Everett and it was just such a huge huge feeling of relief that he was here and safe and so so perfect. They took him over to wipe him off and weigh him and such. He was only 6 pounds 1 ounce, so tiny! They brought him back to me for more skin to skin and its all kind of a blur after that, I really can't remember them delivering the placenta or pushing on my stomach or anything like with Everett. The doctor finished everything, everyone congratulated us and they left us with the baby! Ben held him for the first time and I just remember feeling so relieved and peaceful and happy. We had a baby! I did that! He'e actually here! I couldn't believe the love and protectiveness I already felt for him and all of my fears of not feeling that same connection that I did with Everett vanished.

The next couple days in the hospital were really special. Ben was able to go home at night to be with Everett (which is exactly what I wanted) and I got to spend a lot of skin to skin and one on one time with the baby. He was so sleepy and nursing did not come super easy for us like it did with Everett so he had me a little worried but we're in a groove now.  He was considered SGA (small for gestational age) and because of that he kind of acted like a premature baby (the sleepiness and slower start to nursing).  Everett coming to meet him is something I'll never forget, I am tearing up just thinking about it now. He was so excited and gentle and sweet. He pointed out his 'little nose, little eyes, little mouth' and even sang him a lullaby when he was holding him. We didn't choose his name officially until 3 days later, but I kind of knew the whole time he was a Patrick.

I feel so grateful for my body to be able to do that, and that I got sent a beautiful, healthy baby boy so fresh from heaven. Although it was so painful and stressful and I was such a hot mess for a while there, it is the weirdest rush of pride and accomplishment as well.

Welcome to the fam Patrick Scott Tremblay, it is a utter prvilege to be entrusted as your mama.

Coming home:


Lex said...

Oh, he's just adorable! Thanks for sharing your birth story - it's making me excited to have my first in February!

Jennica Van Blerkom said...

I teared up reading this even though I had already heard it. It's so special! You did amazing!!!!

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