Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas '15 Over and Out

Is it really over? Can we just do Christmas one more time really quick? Ben and I are in a post-Christmas stand down over taking the tree down, come on Ben, at least till Valentines?? 
We simply haaa-aaad a wonderful Christmas time this year with Ben's family who drove 3000 miles from New Hampshire to be here for Christmas. We spent it in not-really-that-sunny-St. George at my brother and sister in law's house who graciously hosted our large crew.
Christmas just keeps getting better as Everett gets older and understands more and having a newborn this Christmas was so special, not to mention baby Jesus was cast perfectly in this years nativity scene. Ben has younger siblings too so the fun of leaving cookies for Santa, sprinkling reindeer food and listening for jingle bells at night was so real and contagious for all of us!

Here is a Christmas picture smorgasbord 

^^^ Pre-Christmas ice skating! Everett in skates was the cutest thing.
^^^Grandpa Tremblay and Patrick 
^^^ We blessed Patrick in church the Sunday before Christmas, look at that little cute yeti!
^^^The one family picture we have from the blessing and you can't even see the bless-ee, whoopsadaisy

^^^We were dumb enough to go to Temple Square and City Creek the Saturday before Christmas, it was pure chaos...but at least we got a picture :/
^^^Christmas Eve Pj's

^^^Grandma Tremblay and the kids about to bake her famous sugar cookies for Santa
^^^Love this picture my mother in law took on Christmas Eve

^^^Ben once upon a time mentioned he wanted a one piece snowsuit...your wish is my command....had to get it off ebay since they don't really make them anymore ha!
The pie face game was so fun and escalated quickly 
^^^Matching sweaters 4eva
^^^Love these chickens so much
^^^That face!!!
^^^St. George Temple with the whole gang

For my own records:
Christmas Eve and Day at Gab and Bri's
Christmas Eve was appetizers
Breakfast was quiche and french toast
Memorable gifts: Ben-snowsuit, amazon $, Cassie-Weave, Cutco knives, new sheets Everett-Cash register, bball hoop, remote control car, Patrick-books, toques

MacLennans-Surprise party on 23rd, Christmas Eve-Cam and Cathy's, Christmas Dinner-Clarks (cam and janet visiting)


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