Friday, December 18, 2015


It's Christmas time in the ccccciiiitttttyyyyyyy!!! I love that Christmas isn't just one day, it feels like Christmas all month long! And even though we still have a very sad baby at our house, it feels a little easier to bounce a baby all night next to a glowing Christmas tree.

Ben's family arrives in Utah tomorrow for Christmas and we are blessing Patrick in church on Sunday! My to-do list is about a mile long and I still am too afraid to leave the house with both boys on my own so most nights I can only cross off one thing but beginning to learn that is OK! I did mostly all my Christmas shopping online this year which was nice (but I do love the mall at Christmas time) I just have one more person to buy for and then am DONE!

Here's my Friyay thoughts

++Guys, I am a sewer! My aunt gave me this old beautiful sewing machine and I have been teaching myself to be a little Martha. I seriously felt such immense pride after threading the bobbin and needle correctly. I can't tell you what I have been sewing because I am giving one to all my family members but I can tell you that it was a VERY beginner project #straightlines but I've got big plans for my sewing future

++I turned 27 on the 16th!! I seriously still think I am like 19 so this is weird, because people who are 27 are old and close to 30 which I can't even. I had an awesome birthday, I got some much needed alone and pampering time and lots of swig.

++ If you follow me on snapchat (cassie.tremblay) you saw me and E making gingersnaps a week or two ago. Today we are making a whole bunch for our visitors. They are the epitome of Christmas cookie and remind me of home. My moms recipe here, and then I dipped half the cookie in white chocolate once they cooled. ++Also by total fluke I got Patrick's first smile on snapchat and it was my favorite birthday present.

++I was going to do a wishlist/gift guide post for 'your baby who couldn't care less' but didn't quite get around to it. I would have put on this wubbanub (life saver) this blanket and this blanket, these adorable teethers and I love a jellycat softie. The only things I actually got Patrick this year are this amazing hat (lion flavor), some Christmas jammies for Christmas Eve and a book! Check out my other gift guides here.

++this is awesome and calms me for some reason

++Mint arrow blogger posted this on her facebook and I was seriously dying! The last one is of BYU students and I can't.stop.looking. Seriously every single person in that frame is doing the most weirdie thing.

++And finally here is a little Christmas playlist I made that is on at our house at all hours of the day!

Here is some of our holiday season so far in pictures:


Bry Peterson said...

Oh man you're a trooper with the cutest house on the block! Love E's little tree in his room and those pics of him in his trapper hat?! Swooning! I'm snagging your playlist tunes ps. K, thanks! :P

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