Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Gift Guide for your Toddler

It is getting so much more fun to shop for Everett because he is actually starting to care! One day after the Costco toys appeared, Everett compiled his Christmas list from what was there and it has stuck. Basketball hoop, spiderman and teddy bear (he is referring to the 10 foot $200 dollar teddy bear at Costco that just isn't gonna happen)

1} A stand up basketball hoop. I was against this at first because it's plastic and takes up  a lot of space but this is his number one request and I think he will have a blast with it, so Ben and I are being suckers and getting it for him!

2} Personalized name puzzle-I got one of these for Everett and Patrick and not only will they be cute in their rooms but E can learn to spell his name and he has never met a puzzle he didn't like.

3}The Costco spider man in all its glory. The weird thing is Everett has never seen anything spider man in his whole life. He has never seen a show or a movie but knows that he likes spider man, built in to the boy code I guess.

4}Are we at the lego age yet? I don't know, I just want something that E can play with independently and am hoping he takes a liking to Lego. This little starter kit would be perfect I think.

5} Pie Face Game-You GUYS! This game! Do you know it is literally sold out everywhere in the United States, people are stabbing people over it! I called every Target, Walmart, Toys R Us from here to Las Vegas and nothing. It is normally $20 but currently going for $40 on Amazon when and if they restock and some are going for over $60 on ebay. It is a game where you get hit in the face with whip cream and people want it more than anything. So I thought maybe Canada might not be as crazy or slower to the hype of this game. It was still sold out pretty much everywhere but my mom recruited a walmart employee to put a couple away at the next restock and she hooked us up. When my dad went to go pick it up, he said the lady told him not to put it in his cart because it would probably get stolen out. Don't you love CHRISTMAS!?

6} E needs a helmet now that he can actually ride his scooter. I dreaded the day Everett wanted character stuff and swore I wouldn't buy it. So far I have caved for Pajamas and I guess a TMNT helmet would be acceptable, but the BUCK STOPS THERE, no minion shirts in public!

7} Ok so Everett is obsessed with Daniel Tiger, frankly so am I! Mama Tiger is my parenting role model and Ben and I find ourselves singing the songs constantly. I wanted to get Ev the DT hoodie off the PBS site but instead I genuised it up and just bought this little sew on patch and this $8 red hoodie and saved a bunch of $$$

8} My mom had this awesome idea for E! He is gonna love it. This one has great reviews on Amazon, I think if we got some little fake produce or cans to go along with it, he may never stop playing store. We've fake played before and he always says 'have a nice day' after I 'pay' and it is the cah-utest.

9}There was this little travel version of this classic game at our place in Phoenix that Everett wanted to play all the time, he didn't totally get it but I think he would learn quick..

10} I wrote about our little Christmas book tradition last year here and am excited to get one or two new ones this year. This one looks so cute and I also want this one and this classic.

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