Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My wishlist disguised as a gift guide for your bestie

I feel like  if you make a wishlist you seem kind of greedy or something like 'BUY ME ALL THE THINGS but if you make a gift guide it's totally kosher. But really when you're making a gift guide you are really just picking out things you really love yourself or wish you could have yourself right?

Presenting a gift guide for your bestie with probably way too detailed explanations for why I want/love/reccomend each....

1} These Nike Roshe in black and white. Sadly, my intentions with these shoes is not really for any form of exercise because I'm still using my 'I can't run, I just had a baby' excuse, but for more an every day casual cutie-patootie shoe that implies I MAY be working out at a later time.

2}I've had these rings in my etsy cart forever and I'm asking Ben for them for my birthday. I love how simple they are but with a little more detail than a plain gold band. Also, here is some life advice-only ever buy gold FILLED jewelry (or real gold if you can). Anything gold plated will tarnish and look like dump. I never take off my gold filled stuff and it looks like new still!

3}I love Society 6 phone cases. Artists and designers put in their designs and society 6 sells them as phone cases, prints, shirts etc. Their new 'tough case' is apparently really protective but still thin. I love this daisy one, cactus close second.

4} I have had the same cheetah print blowdryer for 7 years now and it is time for an upgrade. Everyone everywhere in the world hates blow drying their hair right? So I want one that cuts drying time down and make my hair shiny like the commercials. This Rusk one and this Babyliss one have the best reviews I have found.

5}Ok so these kind of weaves are really popular right now. I used to make fun of my mom for something very similar hanging on our wall growing up, but now I'm like 'wow mom you were so cool and trendy, SORRY' ha! They have a million on etsy, but they are hard to find in a bigger size like this one I found on Urban Outiftters (pictured). I just saw this one is now sold out so that stinks.....back to etsy I will go...

6} I love the look of these Letter boards and the possibilities are endless. Weekly menu, mean girl quotes, holiday greetings etc. I feel like gifts like these, gifts for your home are really memorable and will get used so much.

7} This is the second year a faux fur scarf has made a wishlist appearance. I feel like they say 'I'm really cozy but also fancy, call me Kate Middleton'

8}I love her, loved her first book, love Danny Castelano, so I want this book-that is all.

9} Last year when we went home for Christmas, my mom made up Ben and I's bed with flannel snowman Christmas sheets and ever since I have dreamed of my own flannel christmas sheets. I love these ones and these ones.

And if you want some more ideas for that "friend" of yours you can never really go wrong with giftcards to swig,nails, my new fav store called to surf or etsy!


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