Friday, January 15, 2016


Well I thought it was Friday on Tuesday of this week so this weekend couldn't come soon enough. We have absolutely zero plans for this weekend which I'm not even mad about, when it snows like it did today my desire to leave the house drops dramatically.  I finally figured out how to make my moms kettle corn without burning it, and we need to finish watching all the Oscar nominated movies for this year...Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

++Speaking of the Oscars, did you see all the nominations. I mean, I really really want Leo to get his Oscar, even though I don't think I will enjoy The Revenant. But there has been so much made about him NOT getting as Oscar, that I hope he doesn't feel like this is a pity win because he's been snubbed so much before. If I was him I would be like 'guys, internet, stop making this a thing, you're making it weird'.

++My favorite movies of this award season have been in no particular order-Joy, The Big Short (loved this one), The Martian, Spotlight, Inside Out, Brooklyn, Everest and The Intern (I know, so far from being nominated from anything, but it was so stinking adorable) I still want to see Room, Bridge of Spies and Ex Machina. I also have not seen, nor have any desire to see Star Wars (que angry mob with lightsabers) (also for my whole life I thought they were called lightSAVERS, I know it doesn't make much sense) (end of bracket sentences)

++Guys, this week I got a little internship at one of my favorite bloggers, The House that Lars Built. I am so excited! It is just a few hours a week and I think it will be perfect for me to get out of the house, have a creative outlet and to be a part of something I admire so much.

++Did you see the picture my brother drew for me of Everett on my instagram, it is such a treasure. One of the things I would go back into a fire for. He is so talented. Based off this picture.

++ I was shocked by this post I saw on A Cup of Jo this morning, because I sadly do pretty much all those things.

++This Adele and James Corden video is blowing up the internet, I want to be friends with them.

++Can you tell I live for award shows. We're talking I start watching coverage at like one in the afternoon. My favorite dresses from last weekend's golden globes were Eva Longoria, Rachel Mcadams and Alicia Vikander. And you know what? Everyone loved Jennifer Lopez's dress but for some reason I'm not a fan. Also this was my favorite part part of the show obvi

++ If I had won that powerball, I would have bought this entire new Madewell collection. So dreamy! In the meantime I got this coat, normally $168 for $28 this week,!!! So on point with the Pantone color of the year! 

Happy Weekending errbody! Ps-I have so many thoughts about The Bachelor, but I think that is a post of its own.


Karen MacLennan said...

Ha Ha So you did buy the coat you so desperately needed!!!!!

Bry Peterson said...

Okay first off, how THE CRAP do you stay on top of all of this with 2 babies?! The thought of a dreamy internship is just not even on my radar so I am giving you 1000 props! Seriously, you're a champ. I always love these posts because they are so informative in this little rock I live under. Thank youuu!

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