Friday, January 29, 2016

Patrick: 3 Months

  • Getting a little happier but still on the colic train just a wee bit
  • Loves to be held; he will take a long nap if we are holding him and a 5 minute nap if  we put him down
  • Still is gassy all the time it seems, which is his main point of frustration. Even though I am still off dairy, eggs, soda (mostly) and chocolate
  • He loves to be talked to and  looked at, and especially sung to
  • big smiles all the time now
  • Hates and I repeat HATES his car seat
  • great head control
  • loves to 'stand up'
  • He is not really on any type of schedule, but he naps every few hours and sleeps in about 2-3 hour stretches at night
  • Still loves to be swaddled and bounced on the exercise ball
  • Just barely in 3-6 month clothes now
  • Talks, babbles and yells constantly
  • Good eater, working on spacing out his feeding though because boyfriend seems to want to eat constantly
  • Sensitive skin with eczema patches (just like me and Everett)
  • Loves to suck and drool on his hands
Patrick at three months is getting easier. The crying spells are shorter and the happy times are longer. He is getting so much more alert and aware and lights up when you give him that one on one face time. I feel like we are coming out of the newborn haze and we can't imagine life without him. Life with two kids is still a transition for me and I feel like I'm running behind on most things. The biggest differences between first child and second child is Patrick gets bathed way less (we bathed Everett every single night when he was this age) and Patrick always wears comfy sleepers while I was putting Everett in full on skinny jeans and sweaters at this age. Everett goes through phases with him, but for the most part is really gentle and understanding of him-last week in the same day he told me he wished Patrick would go back in my tummy and that he loved him to the moon and back so...

We sure love our round faced little cherub.


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