Monday, February 8, 2016


Guys, was that the best episode of the bachelor ever? I submit that it was.

Like I have got some bachelor adrenaline pumping and I just have to write out my thoughts...You see, I was really nervous for this season because I loved Ben so much from Kaitlyn's season and usually the bachelor/bachelorette disappoint me and I was scared Ben was going to do that but he hasn't yet, and this episode he was betta than eva!! Someone mentioned that it was like he read the prince charming handbook, it's true-best bachelor ever!

You see, I take this show really seriously, like so seriously that most of the time I can't even read the funny blogs making fun of it because then it loses some of its magic. I really believe in these peoples love and feel personally devastated when they break up, I know that's so annoying and pathetic but I believe I believe (while clapping hands)

Ok tonight's episode here we go
  • "They like painting nails and braiding each others hair and I like reading books and sitting in my room thinking"  DEAR HEAVENS OLIVIA!
  • The thing is I actually feel kind of sorry for Olivia, because I really do think she is delusional and a possible sociopath. She quit her job to come on the bach and probably no one who watches national television will give her a job now and MEMEs of her mouth will probably be internet staples for the rest of our lives.
  • I was sad/surprised to see Jennifer go. She was his first kiss and it seemed like she was so normal! He seems to like the blondes.
  • Caila and bens date-what the what? She was not making any sense. I don't get it. It sounded like maybe she really wants to be falling in love with him but is kind of forcing herself to? She was giving him super conflicting signals and I think SHE thinks she's his front runner and maybe getting cocky. 
  • Group date-also weird vibes. " you like pigs?" ..... "I like to eat pigs" cricket cricket. Leah gave a bad name to females everywhere tonight. Throw a girl under the bus because you're jealous and then lie to all their faces about it...not cool LEAH, get a grip. I felt bad for Lauren B., nothing worse than being falsely accused #freestevenavery 
  • GO BEN, BEN FOR PRESIDENT for seeing through her desperation and sending her home
  • It's so weird for me to see their ages and see that almost all of them are younger than me, like SO WEIRD. Kind of like when I watch TV Shows and the characters are in high school but I feel like they are so old and we are on the same page and have the same life basically and then I'm like oh wait I have been graduated for almost 10 years and have two children.
  • This doesn't usually happen during a bachelor(ette) season for me, but I really like ALL the girls left.
  • Becca is stunning and down to earth and has great skin and I am liking her so much more this season than I did on Chris's. I don't know if her and Ben have AS much chemistry as him and some of the others though? I bet she will be the next bachelorette, calling it, someone write that down.
  • I love Amanda and her little squeaky voice, but also hate her because how does she look that good after having two children? I think Ben is so sweet with her and says exactly what every mom would want to hear. I'm gonna die when he meets her daughters. DIE
  • JoJo is probably my favorite. They seem like a real couple! He promised he wouldn't blindside her last episode, that was risky, I hope its true.
  • My friend and I were talking and because Ben is so nice, like so super nice, he is gonna be the biggest heart breaker bachelor ever. He makes each girl feel so special and loved that they all are gonna be blindsided HARD!
  • I am calling that Lauren B wins. I think she is adorable and relatable and I like the goofy moments I have seen them have together.
  • K the twin is hilarious. I seriously want to be her friend. She made me lolllllzzzzzz....I don't think she will make it much father but she is pure entertainment.
  • I could not believe he sent Olivia home, trickers you bachelor producers and editors. I am so glad that for once a bachelor saw through all the drama and fakeness
  • The shot of them going off on the boat, leaving Olivia on a desolate island in the pouring rain? Too far bachelor producers...too far...Very reminiscent of that one time Kaitlyn dumped cupcake in the closet guy on the edge of a rocky cliff side 
  • I really meant it when I said I kind of feel bad for Olivia, she is obviously a little cray for sure but she def got the villain edit when she was not nearly as bad as Tiara or Courtney or maybe even the sleeper villain LEAH! But she's gotta know you just can't say "like deep thinking and intelligent conversations are my jam"
  • The previews for the rest of the season give me anxiety because of how excited and invested I am, I just want to watch it all right now and for everyone to find true love and live happily ever after and I want to watch a show about that too.
  • Also you KNOW I will be watching the Sunday Bachelor special, like nothing could keep me from that.


Robyn said...

I feel like you just wrote out all my thoughts about last night!!! Minus the party about Lauren B winning...JoJo all the way!!!

jennica said...

I literally agree with everything! I love jojo but think Lauren b will win. I can't believe Ben actually saw through Olivia and sent her home but I'm almost sad because she was so fun to watch and mock. And I was telling Kimber the exact same thing yesterday. It's soooo weird that I'm idler than everyone. Olivia looks like 10 years older than me! I love when they leave one sad girl on the island on the 2-1. Hahahaha hahahaa it's so pathetic and crazy and dramatic. Oh this show is so great.

Chelan Hollingsworth said...

Yes! I love how invested you are! It makes me feel less crazy to know that there are other people who love it as much as me!

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