Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Patrick: Four Months

OOOOKKKKK. has it really only been four months? The first two months of Patrick's life flew by so so fast and since then time has been moving so slowly, like he's always been here. Patrick has so much of a little personality already and he is sweet and observant but also pretty specific on his likes and dislikes. I don't think we are fully out of the colic phase yet but getting close. He just has a sensitive tummy so he gets gas pains which leads to at least an hour of inconsolable screaming a day, It is hard because I feel like it is my fault-it's my milk and i'm psychoanalyzing every little thing I eat constantly!

  • He is noisy and likes to do these very loud pig-like-squeals! I'm not tired of them yet, its adorable
  • He will only nap in someones arms.....so I don't really get ANYTHING done and I think he is too young for sleep training (personal belief is 6 months the earliest) 
  • He actually likes to be held kind of always 
  • He is getting so much more smiley and loves when anyone looks at him, he will get all bashful and smile and just turn inside out
  • He perks up to Ben's voice and follows him around the room always and is always watching Everett so intently
  • He is rolling over back to front the second we put him down but then gets frustrated quickly on his tummy that he can't roll back over. 
  • He is in a major spit up phase---so.much.laundry.
  • Driving anywhere is really hard and gives me major anxiety because he screams until he is blue in the face, covered in sweat and spitting up....is it true some babies actually enjoy their car seats? I don't believe it.
  • Same night schedule, wakes and eats about every 2.5 to 3 hours and sometimes those dang gas pains keep him up
  • Loves his hands in his mouth constantly-see above picture
  • Grabbing things and figuring out his hands slowly but not very interested in any toys or anything yet
  • Opens his mouth anytime anything or anyone gets even remotely close to his face. Do all babies do this? I think it is so adorable
  • I'm in no rush to start solids with him
  • He definitely looks similar to Everett as a baby but still has his own look, rounder face, different lips and ears too.
  • Wants to 'stand' always 
  • He is a snacker and LOVES the boob. He no longer takes a pacifier or a bottle, whoops.
Guys, remember how I wrote that epiphany on instagram about how I was going to enjoy the moment even though I had a colicky baby and still try to soak up his newborn phase and not wish it away like I did with Everett? I kind of failed. It has been HARD and I have wished it away, mostly because I don't want him to hurt anymore but also because once there is a screaming baby around, everyone near it, patience levels drop fast. I have had less patience with Everett because I'm tending to a very upset Patrick and less patience for Patrick because what can I do to help you? nothing. I know I'm making this sound so bad and dramatic and I obviously love him more than I can tell you but I don't want to pretend like I did this gracefully either. I didn't,

 As Patrick gets better I am feeling a little more positive about things and it is literally joyful for me to watch him learn new things and see more of his personality shine through. He is this fat little guy with the best cheeks that smiles and coos for me in the morning while we wait for E to wake up holds onto my shirt or my hair while he nurses and bunches his legs up to his chest and with all his might throws his whole body into rolling over. I love looking at him while someone else is holding him, I am used to always seeing him so close up, but he looks so different and SO SO adorable looking at me from across the room that its all I can do to not run over and scoop him back up. We sure love our little Pattycakes and its going to get so good so soon.


Candice Holst said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. Your boys are adorable!
On another note my babies both had gas pains. My life saver has been essential oils. DoTerra has a blend called Digestzen and I just dilute it with coconut oil and rub it on my babies stomach. Seriously works so well, might be worth a try.

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