Monday, March 28, 2016

Patrick: Five Months

^^^Look at that little fattypatty. Ben said he looked like a robber in this outfit.

OOOOHHHH our little Patrick! At five months Patrick is a little bundle of joy (mostly). He has so much spunk these days and I love watching him just eat up the world around him. He is definitely a high maintenance baby and loves to be held CONSTANTLY! If you put him down even for a minute or two he acts so deeply offended and does that saddest guilt trip cry. Today I emptied and loaded an entire dishwasher with one hand while I held him...DIVA (boy version) I tell you! He had his first real giggles this week and it makes me cry every time. I know it's cliche but it really is my favorite sound in the whole world-the sound of my kids laughing.

  • Rolls both ways with such speed and momentum, so not tired of watching it yet.
  • Absolutely entranced watching Everett do anything
  • Loves new faces and when anyone will smile at him
  • Blows his lips to make that lip-blowing sound (???) constantly-so loud and spits everywhere
  • Puts everything in his mouth and loves to chomp on anything he can (he got really personal with a carrot stick today)
  • Naps and now night time sleeps only in someones arms-sooooo that's fun! We are going to sleep train next month I think-I just think it's the only way and something has got to change because we literally take turns holding him ALL night long.
  • Absolutely undying-ly addicted to my boobs. It is hard on Ben because breastfeeding is the only thing that will comfort him
  • Won't take a pacifier or a bottle
  • Loves his bumbo
  • Loves his bath, with Everett especially
  • His car seat is his own personal hell-fire bucket 
  • Reaches and grabs anything that is put in front of him
  • Still really gassy and seems to get stomachaches often-hoping his litttle gut will get stronger and mature soon.
  • Loves to be in just his diaper
  • No longer swaddled to sleep but sleep-sacked
He is kind of a hard baby, but instead of telling myself that over and over and feeling sorry for myself I'm just trying to enjoy him. He really is just soaking up everything right now and is learning so much and is just a little buddy and sidekick to all of us. We are getting to the good part of personality booming but not yet mobile. Happy 5 months baldie!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Everett Says...and 3 Year Birthday Interview Video

It is official. The just-barely-three-year-old is the best age yet. I can't get enough of it. Everett is such a good kid (good karma for being a colicky babe I think) The nursery leaders told me when I went and picked him up last week that he was their favorite and that I was doing something right and wow did that make me feel like a million bucks. I am so lucky to be Everett's mom.

I have been writing down the funny things he says and wanted to share:

While eating Pizza 'mmm I love you cheese, cheese is my best friend'

E-"Mom me went poop"
Me-"Ok dad will change your diaper"

Me at around 1pm- "Everett lets get dressed"
E-"Oh, dad coming home right now"
Whoops, he knows my secrets

Me-"I love you soooo much"
E-"I love you medium"

Puts on one of those pimp sparkly hats on at the dollar store "Look mom, me a cowboy"

E-"Mom me go poop"
Me-"Oh ya I can tell, how long ago?"
E-"Ohhh maybe two days?"

He says "bless you" to himself every time after he sneezes

He comes over to me fake panting "Mom me too hot" takes off the toy necklace he is wearing "woah that's better"

We were playing with the snap chat filters on my phone, this one came up and he said "Oh look mom I'm rich"

Me-"Oh looks like we are out of bread"
E-"What did you just say?"
Me-"It looks like we are out of bread"
E-"Ugh mom you always forget to go to Costco"

He also sometimes talks like a gangster but not on purpose
"Who it be?"
"This be hard"
"I be freezing"

I was going to the bathroom one day and out of toilet paper so I asked him to go the other bathroom and bring me a piece of toilet paper-this is what he returned with:

Me trying on a new coat "Mom you look kind of weird in that coat"

E-"My tummy hurts"
Me-"What does it feel like"
E-"ummm kind of like......vaseline"

Comes into my room in the morning when he wakes up "Good morning mom, you look so cute and pretty and handsome"

I was sitting with him while he was eating lunch one day and he was just talking away so I started writing it down. This was one thought
"Mom me think baby Jesus is cute like Patrick but the he gets taller and taller and taller like a tall tower and fight with this other tall tower and boom boom boom and this one wins and this other one is died and he needs to go to the hospital, can we drive him in our car and buckle him for safety? mmmm this pasta is yummy, mom don't eat all of it ok babe? Save some for dad k, is that a good idea?

Yelling for me upstairs "babe, come on, let's go"

While getting ready to go swimming "Mom I need to change into my swimming costume" (too much Peppa Pig)

Other things I love that he says: Yes siree, whoopsadaisy, no way jose, ya jose, calls Patrick little Patty, thinks the best insult/comeback is popcorn head, confuses smells like for tastes like, everything that happened in the past, even if it was a year ago is referred to as last night and when he says 'what in the world?'

I want to do an annual birthday interview for the kids starting at age 3 to see how everything changes, Ben and I have already watched this one over and over!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

State of the Blog Address (Let's Chat)

Woah, its been a little bit since I have written a real post (besides those monthly baby updates I know everyone just LOVES to read :/ It is time for a STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS for this blog and me and the company

I can already tell this is going to be a rambling post. I just want to talk, pretend you're my girlfriend and we are catching up over lunch. Wait...Hold on baby is waking up...after a 21 minute nap....oy.....

Ok I'm back, he's on my lap now, I guess the out to lunch fantasy is over, lets pretend you came over bearing Swig dirty diet cokes and I'll drink it guiltily because of Ben's theory that it gives Patrick gas when I drink pop which I refuse to accept.

Anyways! What's new with me you ask? Well let me tell you.

So all this stuff just came up for me all of a sudden at a very unexpected time. I got an internship at the amazing blog The House that Lars Built. I only go in for a few hours a week and do some stuff from home. She (Brittany) is amazing and so creative and I love it. The novelty has not worn off for me yet. I am totally fine doing intern stuff like running errands and taking out the trash because it feels good to be out of the house and not covered in spit up and I am learning so much! I am doing graphic design and crafting and sewing and styling and party planning and writing her newsletter and it feels really good. Then I am SO SO happy to see my kids when I get home and it has just been really fun. I also got a little gig as a blog contributor to The Baby Cubby blog, which is this amazing baby boutique here in Utah with every beautiful baby thing you could imagine. I just write a post or two a week from home so it is perfect! Here's my first post on how to get toddlers to eat healthier.  It's weird, I didn't even know or think I wanted to do anything outside of being a stay at home mom, especially when I had this 2 month old baby in the height of his colic but even though it's been a little overwhelming, totally fulfilling too! I'm not used to having these extra responsibilities though and now instead of using my free nap time to just do nothing and watch my shows, I go to Lars or work on posts and this poor blog has been getting neglected-but since my creative juices are flowing these days I have more ideas than ever and need to get back to posting....and I also need to get back to watching my shows-you guys-The Good Wife? This is the last season? Why does everything I love have to end? Also James Dean Morgan guest star on there right now? Hubba Hubba. Such an underrated show-it is so smart and well done.

See rambling.....

And how is Ben doing you ask?

He is good! He's really busy with full time work and school but still is SO helpful with the kids and obviously it is so nice that he can watch them while I do above mentioned side jobs. We were talking the other night and told each other we really needed another date night. We went for dinner just the two of us for the first time since P was born a couple weeks ago for V-day and I was like giddy (I just realized I hate the word giddy) it was so fun to just talk without interruption and enjoy our food and each others company. He is also playing (roller) hockey again and he loves it, and I think it is so hilarious but totally awesome and we like going to the games and watching them all get so into it.

And Everett and Patrick? How are they? Hmmm are you regretting coming over yet?

Oh my gosh Everett is so stinking hilarious these days-I am planning on another whole post of the list of the things he says that I never want to forget. The mind of a three year old is so quirky and delicious. He says things like (gasp) what in the world is this? and Mom you look a little weird in that coat. He is really into a show called Blaze and the Monster Machines about monster racing cars that talk. He goes around saying "Leeeetttsss BBBLLLAAAZZZEE" which in his mind means gives him blazing speed but to my generation has QUITE the different meaning if you know what I mean. Either the writers of this show think they are so funny getting away with this or just really naive, We are also planning on potty training Everett in the next couple weeks. I think I am dreading it more than child birth. Maybe because when I was changing his diaper the other day and told him that soon we were going to start going on the potty, he started sobbing and told me "I love pooping in my diaper so much mom' so that should be a real treat. Give me your tips people. Like when they nap do you put them back in their diaper? Underwear to start or let them go naked? Little baby potty or adjusted seat in the big potty? SOS!

And little Pattycakes! He is still recovering and getting back to himself afer RSV kicked his little poor butt a couple weeks ago. He had it while we were in Arizona and had to go to the hospital and was just miserable and I felt like I couldn't relax or breathe the whole time he was sick. It was terrible. He is getting back to himself though and I think maybe the sickness kicked his colic? Knock on wood. It did make his sleeping a little more terrible though, the last week he has literally nursed for like 6 hours straight each night-he just wants it in his mouth all night long for comfort and it is LITERALLY draining me. We need to kick that habit really quick but I have just been wanting to wait until he's made his full recovery. Also side note-We call him all manner of Patrick nicknames and Ben was calling him Pat-cha-reddie and I thought it was just some gibberish nickname he made up and then my brother was over and called him the exact same thing and I was like what the heck what are the chances?! Then I learned it is the name of a player on the Montreal Canadiens so that made more sense. .Pacioretty. I actually like it.

So that's the update. The house has not been clean for like six weeks, and I keep having to re-wash the same load of laundry over and over because I forget about it. I can't figure out how to do it all! Watch less bachelor maybe you say? NEVER!

Ok thanks for coming over. If this was in real life I swear I would have asked about you too.

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