Friday, March 11, 2016

Everett Says...and 3 Year Birthday Interview Video

It is official. The just-barely-three-year-old is the best age yet. I can't get enough of it. Everett is such a good kid (good karma for being a colicky babe I think) The nursery leaders told me when I went and picked him up last week that he was their favorite and that I was doing something right and wow did that make me feel like a million bucks. I am so lucky to be Everett's mom.

I have been writing down the funny things he says and wanted to share:

While eating Pizza 'mmm I love you cheese, cheese is my best friend'

E-"Mom me went poop"
Me-"Ok dad will change your diaper"

Me at around 1pm- "Everett lets get dressed"
E-"Oh, dad coming home right now"
Whoops, he knows my secrets

Me-"I love you soooo much"
E-"I love you medium"

Puts on one of those pimp sparkly hats on at the dollar store "Look mom, me a cowboy"

E-"Mom me go poop"
Me-"Oh ya I can tell, how long ago?"
E-"Ohhh maybe two days?"

He says "bless you" to himself every time after he sneezes

He comes over to me fake panting "Mom me too hot" takes off the toy necklace he is wearing "woah that's better"

We were playing with the snap chat filters on my phone, this one came up and he said "Oh look mom I'm rich"

Me-"Oh looks like we are out of bread"
E-"What did you just say?"
Me-"It looks like we are out of bread"
E-"Ugh mom you always forget to go to Costco"

He also sometimes talks like a gangster but not on purpose
"Who it be?"
"This be hard"
"I be freezing"

I was going to the bathroom one day and out of toilet paper so I asked him to go the other bathroom and bring me a piece of toilet paper-this is what he returned with:

Me trying on a new coat "Mom you look kind of weird in that coat"

E-"My tummy hurts"
Me-"What does it feel like"
E-"ummm kind of like......vaseline"

Comes into my room in the morning when he wakes up "Good morning mom, you look so cute and pretty and handsome"

I was sitting with him while he was eating lunch one day and he was just talking away so I started writing it down. This was one thought
"Mom me think baby Jesus is cute like Patrick but the he gets taller and taller and taller like a tall tower and fight with this other tall tower and boom boom boom and this one wins and this other one is died and he needs to go to the hospital, can we drive him in our car and buckle him for safety? mmmm this pasta is yummy, mom don't eat all of it ok babe? Save some for dad k, is that a good idea?

Yelling for me upstairs "babe, come on, let's go"

While getting ready to go swimming "Mom I need to change into my swimming costume" (too much Peppa Pig)

Other things I love that he says: Yes siree, whoopsadaisy, no way jose, ya jose, calls Patrick little Patty, thinks the best insult/comeback is popcorn head, confuses smells like for tastes like, everything that happened in the past, even if it was a year ago is referred to as last night and when he says 'what in the world?'

I want to do an annual birthday interview for the kids starting at age 3 to see how everything changes, Ben and I have already watched this one over and over!


Ie Ling said...

Seriously so tender. It makes me want to cry so many happy tears!

Bry Peterson said...

Yessss! This post is too much. He just cracks me up!

jennica said...

Oh my gosh!!!!!!! Sooooooo sweet! I love love all the quotes. And oh my goodness the movie was even better! I totally want to do this. You think 2 is too young to start?!?! Haha I'm totally going to try. He is the best!!!

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