Monday, March 28, 2016

Patrick: Five Months

^^^Look at that little fattypatty. Ben said he looked like a robber in this outfit.

OOOOHHHH our little Patrick! At five months Patrick is a little bundle of joy (mostly). He has so much spunk these days and I love watching him just eat up the world around him. He is definitely a high maintenance baby and loves to be held CONSTANTLY! If you put him down even for a minute or two he acts so deeply offended and does that saddest guilt trip cry. Today I emptied and loaded an entire dishwasher with one hand while I held him...DIVA (boy version) I tell you! He had his first real giggles this week and it makes me cry every time. I know it's cliche but it really is my favorite sound in the whole world-the sound of my kids laughing.

  • Rolls both ways with such speed and momentum, so not tired of watching it yet.
  • Absolutely entranced watching Everett do anything
  • Loves new faces and when anyone will smile at him
  • Blows his lips to make that lip-blowing sound (???) constantly-so loud and spits everywhere
  • Puts everything in his mouth and loves to chomp on anything he can (he got really personal with a carrot stick today)
  • Naps and now night time sleeps only in someones arms-sooooo that's fun! We are going to sleep train next month I think-I just think it's the only way and something has got to change because we literally take turns holding him ALL night long.
  • Absolutely undying-ly addicted to my boobs. It is hard on Ben because breastfeeding is the only thing that will comfort him
  • Won't take a pacifier or a bottle
  • Loves his bumbo
  • Loves his bath, with Everett especially
  • His car seat is his own personal hell-fire bucket 
  • Reaches and grabs anything that is put in front of him
  • Still really gassy and seems to get stomachaches often-hoping his litttle gut will get stronger and mature soon.
  • Loves to be in just his diaper
  • No longer swaddled to sleep but sleep-sacked
He is kind of a hard baby, but instead of telling myself that over and over and feeling sorry for myself I'm just trying to enjoy him. He really is just soaking up everything right now and is learning so much and is just a little buddy and sidekick to all of us. We are getting to the good part of personality booming but not yet mobile. Happy 5 months baldie!


Kylie Johnson said...

Babies are hard. Curse all you mamas out there with angel babies!!! Hang on to all those special moments! They will get us through.

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