Saturday, April 9, 2016

Photo Photo Dump Dump

In my need to apparently post every picture I take, I give you a photo dump post!! And I know the pro-fesh blogs have all their pics the same size, I just can't bring myself to resize every one. 
Not legit 2 quit!

These are from the last few months and already give me tinglies in my toes to look back on-I LOVE PICTURES! Look at how much Patrick has grown already just since February. These days with young kids are long and tiresome but holy moly they are good.

^^^From Everett't third birthday party!
^^^Birthday boy, cute shirt made by my mom!

^^^Not an unusual scene 

^^^My Easter dumplings

 ^^^Date night-Valentines Do-Over
Arizona! Got to meet up with Jordan and Wesley at the park
 AZ hangs!
 ^^^Coloring book party with the guuurrrllls for The House That Lars Built
^^^Bachelor finale viewing party with Jennica for LARS! #Benthebachelorforpresident

^^^Everett at swimming lessons, it was pretty stressful for me but I'm glad we did it! 
^^^My crew, how lucky am I?


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