Sunday, May 1, 2016

Patrick: 6 Months Happy Half-Birthday!

Happy half birthday little buddy! Six months sounds so short to me because it feels like you've always been here! Ben just said to me the other day "I love the age Patrick is at, so much better than when he was a newborn" (the newborn era is hard for us) He is a pretty happy little camper, sometimes it's hard to remember that because he screams like a banshee in his car seat and we're in the car quite a bit. It's impossible not to compare the similarities and differences between Everett and him at this age. He is a little more serious, a lot rounder and wants to crawl and get moving a lot earlier.

  • He is giggling a lot more regularly and it is beautiful 
  • We started some solids with him but not as often as we probably should. He doesn't love it, doesn't hate it. 
  • He gets up on all fours trying to crawl and then faceplants and then just army scoots a little.
  • Still wants to be held all the time (my arms are so strong right now)
  • He's way more into toys and rattles and loves Sophie the Giraffe the most.
  • We attempted sleep training this last month, he had one good night and we weren't consistent enough and kind of failed. He still wakes up 4-8 times a night (yikes) I know one day he and I will sleep again but it feels far away. Luckily I'm pretty used to getting by on little sleep so I don't feel as zombie and affected by it as I did with Everett in the no sleeping years (yes years)
  • Still loves to be talked to and smiled at 
  • Has no desire to sit up, only wants to stand and will push back the second we try and have him sit.
  • Instantly stops crying when Everett gives him attention
  • Sleeps only on his tummy now 
  • After six months of trying, Ben got him to take a bottle! This bottle was the winner for most boob-like.
This last half year has been pretty dang hard but also really special. I know he belongs with us and he feels so naturally a part of the family. I think it will only get easier as him and Everett can start interacting more and entertaining each other! He is so high maintenance but I couldn't love or be more obsessed with him! Happy half birthday my littlest love.


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