Saturday, May 28, 2016

Patrick: 7 Months

This little sweetie peach pie muffin nugget pop is 7 months! This last month we have been in California and Patrick has adapted well! He is full on crawling and getting into everything and although he can sit up, he won't sit longer than a second before he is on his tummy moving around! To me, he is a chubby little monkey although still under the 15% percentile for his age, but he has got the best bulldog cheeks and some mean thunder thighs. He is more serious in general than Everett was but he is also more social. He doesn't really have stranger danger and lights up when anyone smiles at him.  He LOVES his Everett. If I could somehow pay Everett to entertain or even just look and smile at Patrick all day then my life would be so easy. They are really interacting more and it makes me heart tingle. He loves to be held and so he is in my arms a good amount of the day. Like his brother, he doesn't really entertain himself. I didn't want to spend the money on one of those huge exersaucer bouncer things but finally caved because I was so tired of holding him all day, the day it arrived I thought our lives were changed, after 3 minutes he was screaming and even me trying him every day after that, the bouncer is going back to amazon....

He still thinks his car seat was sent here to destroy him. A couple weeks ago I drove to Long Beach to meet up with some girlfriends. With traffic it ended up being about 2.5 hours and he didn't stop screaming bloody murder for even one minute. I kept calling Ben because I was losing it telling him I was going to turn back around and Ben kept telling me 'keep going, he'll eventually scream himself to sleep' Ben was wrong. He didn't let up even once for the whole trip. Soooo....that is hard but hopefully one day he'll grow out of it? I don't know, he's obviously proved us wrong before.

Since we have been here, he has not been sleeping well, I don't think I have gotten longer than an hour of sleep in a row.  I had a feeling he might have an ear infection, but he was mostly happy during the day and he didn't have a fever so I dismissed it as teething or just him being a really bad sleeper as usual. Well finally, a month later at his wellness check, the doctor told us he had a bad double ear infection. Ask me if I have ever felt more guilty?! Poor babe is now on some antibiotics and hopefully it can heal up and he can start feeling and sleeping a little bit better.

Some other things I want to remember

  • He loves Sophie the Giraffe and pacifiers (to play with not actually to pacify)
  • He broke his first little tooth through
  • He loves the Bjorn carrier and will actually fall asleep in it if he faces in
  • He likes solid food but not crazy about it. He loves watermelon and puffs, HATES avacado and green beans.
  • He is so hard to bathe because he won't sit, just wants to launch himself forward in the water
  • Currently sleeps in a closet in our one bedroom apartment here in California.
  • I dipped his toes in the pool and he acted like I dipped his toes in hot lava...should be an interesting summer
  • Plays this game with Everett when I am putting them down for a nap.  Pattrick will go to eat and then Everett will make a noise and he will pop up and they will both laugh their heads off because I pretend to be mad because they are supposed to be going to sleep.
  • He still has 3 naps a day that are very short unless I hold him for his nap then he will sleep 1 hour +
He is hard and there are days I am really tired and get easily frustrated but I wouldn't trade him for anything. I absolutely adore him and his little personality coming through. Love love LOVE my pattycakes!



Bry Peterson said...

THAT TRACK!! The cutest. He's so adorable and growing quick!!

Robyn said...

Oh Patrick! I can't wait to hold this little guy and give your poor arms a break!
Loved this post!

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