Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Patrick: 8 Months

This has been a big month for Patrick. We came up to Canada, he started full on crawling, doing some major sleep training and popped his first two teeth. He really grew up this month, he seems like such a big boy crawling around wherever he wants, pulling himself up on anything he can get his hands on. He is so smiley right now and will flash those {two} pearly whites to anyone who looks at him.

  • Crawling, sitting, standing, cruising.
  • Really getting more into solid foods. He prefers table foods and what I am eating as opposed to baby purees. Really likes watermelon, pasta and bananas.
  • Still loves nursing but such a distracted eater these days.
  • Still in the middle of sleep training. It is SO hard for me. We are six days in and it has been pretty terrible but he is improving, sleeping for way longer stretches and hopefully the crying will be less and less and he will learn to love sleep.
  • Usually naps 3 times a day
  • A little more clingy to me this month and since we have been in Canada.
  • Had his first real swim in my parents pool and liked it for about 15 minutes and then was DONE.
  • Slowly getting some more hair, looks to be very blonde.
  • Loves to babble and talk and hear himself, especially during quiet times at church.
  • Still wants to be held a lot but now that he can crawl, he is getting a little more independent
  • Carseat=Satan
  • Pants really hard like a puppy when he is excited.
  • Poor kid is almost always in his pajamas
  • Gives big open-mouthed kisses
I really love this age and love this sweet cheeked baby.


Brynn Snyder said...

Does he look like Everett? I feel like he looks different but I am not sure.

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