Thursday, July 7, 2016

"Oh Canada, Our Home and (temporary) Native Land'

Well the boys and I  have been up in The Great White North, The Frozen Tundra, The True North Strong and Free, Canuck-astan or whatever you fancy calling Canada for about a month now and it has been pretty pretty great!

I love being home, I have so much family here, a great group of girlfriends, there is so much for Everett to do and my parents and siblings are so helpful but of course we miss Ben sooo much. Poor Everett comes to the realization about once a day that he misses his dad and starts to cry and it breaks my heart so I basically just give him whatever he wants for those few minutes, which is usually an ice cream sandwich to cheer him up. I imagine one day when he is in college or something and bites into an ice cream sandwich he is going to get a strong nostalgic feeling of missing his dad and call home immediately.

We basically swim all day with cousins. We all bring treats and swim and chase babies and chat and and it is the best. It doesn't get dark till at least 10 pm and Everett goes to bed every night with warm skin smelling like sunscreen and I hope he remembers these Canadian summers.

We also celebrated Canada Day on July 1st. I haven't been home for Canada Day in so many years and I am always so homesick. This year though, I got to take the boys to the famous Raymond Parade where the tractors are plenty and the candy is hard, but I still teared up when those Mounties marched by with the tiny marching band playing Oh Canada behind them.  I am reminded every time I come home how much I love this country.

So anyways, thats about all I have to report from up here other than ketchup chips are still amazing and I still have no tan.


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