Monday, August 22, 2016

Taking Stock II

Guys, I never blog anymore.

My only excuse is I'm tired. You know, this season of my life right now is a season where I am tired basically all the time. I don't like it, but that is just where I am at. I know I am a broken record about this, but man does Patrick hate sleeping. He woke up seven times last night and had two fifteen minute naps during the day. I have gained weight from the lack of energy, increased my caffeine addiction and my patience is sadly lacking. I know it won't last forever and some days are better than others and I know there are so much worse problems to have. But I'm whining about this because I never blog anymore because I never want to stay up later than I have to and nap times are used for hot showers or one on one time with E.

I know the violins are BLARING right now but I just wanted to say I'm still here, wanted to pop in and say hi hi hi. This 'Taking Stock 'post that floats around blogger land and I wrote almost two years ago is all I can muster right now.

Cooking : nothing....EEK we have been living at my parents for most of the summer and have been so lucky and spoiled as my mom is an amazing cook. Getting back into that is going to be very rocky I think. 
Drinking : Diet Coke. I know its not good for me but the 'pop' of the can gives me butterflies so....
Reading: The last book I read was 'Me Before You' and I'm too sad to read the second one. I haven't seen the movie yet because no husband=no movie dates. Also lets be real, I read my news via the snapchat button subscription thingy's.
Wanting: the summer to be over. I know that is blasphemy to most people and I have LOVED our time here in Canada but I am so ready to be back with Ben, our 'home' and a somewhat routine.
Looking: for these Free People booties that I would give my left kidney for liiiikkke 85% off. So expensive, but so beautiful.
Playing: A lot of pretend. Ninja School, Batman vs The Hulk, etc. I am not good at this kind of play-Patrick can you grow up faster and be the hulk for me already? 
Sewing: ya right.
Wishing: for a pedicure and a massage and a facial and a tan and thats all!
Enjoying: our last few days in Canada! 
Waiting: for our weekly girls night to watch Bachelor in Paradise, I know it is so trashy but is there anything more great and entertaining!! Oh MY Seriously. Pure. Entertainment! I love Nick on there. I didn't like him on Andi or Kaitlyn's seasons but I love him now on BIP! 
Liking: the choker trend. Just ordered this one and this one.
Wondering: How I'm going to fly alone with my two kids on Friday! Pray for me.
Loving: naptime. 
Hoping: my kids know how much I love them.
Marvelling: at the olympic athletes!! Canada killed it this summer olympics, especially the girls. Who run the world?!
Needing: sleep. and to sleep train. and possibly a baby free vacation <-- That answer is from when I did this 2 years ago, still applies. 
Smelling: like chlorine and sunscreen. Always. Not complaining.
Wearing: the same clothes over and over. When we first came to Canada, we thought we were only staying for a month so I only packed for a few weeks and then we ended up staying for 3 months and I'm so sick of these clothes. 
Following: everyone. omg can we talk about instagram stories. I feel like I'm cheating on snapchat, which I just got the hang of and I like watching them except it takes me two years to watch everyday because I follow so many bloggers and their dogs and crap. I don't know, why can't we just keep it separate? There is too much social media! Also does anyone else's insta stories have a loading problem? So annoying. 
Noticing: TV is just not what it used to be. I miss my fav shows, bring back Parenthood. This one with Mandy Moore and Jess from Gilmore Girls looks promising-premiering in September.
Knowing: I miss Ben sooooooo much.
Thinking: about how much I miss mexican food. Canada doesn't really do mexican food, it's been a long 3 months without Cafe Rio!!
Feeling: tired but happy and hopeful.
Bookmarking: house decor. Since we are moving back into our house I have a major itch to redecorate and rearrange and stuff!
Learning: So much from my mom while I've been here all summer. #goals.
Giggling: still the worst word.

Okay that took me four days. Actually.


Chelan Hollingsworth said...

I feel the same way about pop! No better sound than the opening of a cold can!!! Lol

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