Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Everett Says II

K Everett is the funniest little kid lately.  Here are just a few things I have written down that he's said that at least we think are funny.

playing hide and seek, he's hiding. "I'll give you a hint......I'm in the closet"

sees a crow or something in the sky and says very nonchalantly says "Oh look a pterodactyl"

"I think I need to floss myself"

So we watched the movie Pocahontas and as you may remember they call the Native Americans Savages....wweeeeelllll we were in the store and Everett saw a bow and arrow toy with pictures of some Native Americans on it and continued to say "Hey mom look at all those savages on that picture'

So I went off dairy with Patrick the first 6 months and anytime I would eat anything Everett took it upon himself to make sure I wasn't eating dairy. I was eating pasta and Everett says "Mom is that dairy? You don't want it to go into your boobs and hurt Patrick's tummy."

Walking into J Crew "Mom is this store going to be boring like Old Navy?"

Going over colors, I would point at a color and he would say what it was. I pointed to peach and he thought about it for a while and said very innocently I might add "Is it private color?"

He went through a phase where whenever we would give him anything or surprise him with something he would say so excitedly "I've always wanted one of these!" So one day we were at Trader Joes and it was really busy and Everett asked if he could have some water and I said sure and he gasped and said "Thank you mom, I've always wanted some water" Pretty sure people thought I deprived him of basic necessities.

"This is the better day of MY LIFE!"

After putting on a little performance I said good job Everett, and he was like "no mom please clap and say Bravo Bravo!"

"Mom, you're just the prettiest girl in town"

While we were in Canada, Everett and I were talking to Ben on the phone and planning the fun things we were going to do when we got back to Utah together.  We were talking about going on a camping trip and I said 'we could have smores and hotdogs' and Everett said "and maybe a nice salad to go with it"

The jets turned on in the hot tub on full blast Everett says "woah settle down guys"

Wakes up in the morning, looks out the window "Looks like a beautiful day to fly a kite"

Grabs some sunscreen for the pool "This is the perfect sunscreen for America"

I have no idea where he got this but for some reason he thinks diarrhea is called "Cafe-rhea" so sometimes when he is sick he will say "Oh no, I need to go cafe-rhea"

I told him he was funny, he said "No, I'm not funny, I'm cute"

"Mom do you want to be in a band with me? Actually you can't, you don't have a musical life plan"

I was putting some mouse in his hair one morning, and he was thinking and had a puzzled look on his face and then asked "Mom is this stuff cow?" No it's mouse "Oh ya a MOOSE, I forgot"

Here is the first post. Everett Says Part 1

Some pictures from his first day of Preschool!


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