Thursday, September 1, 2016

Patrick: 10 Months

Look how adorable he is ^^! This is by far my favorite age with our Patman, he has turned into such a happy child. He's curious and determined and sweet and smart.  He still doesn't sleep very well, but other than that he is pretty dreamy.  When Everett was ten months old I thought he was so old, so on his way to being a toddler, but with Patrick he is still so my baby and I just want it to stay that way. I am in no rush for him to walk, although he is so much happier now that he can speed crawl and pull himself up on anything and EVERYTHING. Now that we are back in our town home and there is a big staircase he bolts for them every chance he gets and climbs up the whole set before I even notice he is gone and then when I catch him he gives me the biggest grin like he knows he got away with something. He is getting more independent and loves to explore, the most popular phrase in out house is "Patrick what did you just put in your mouth?"

  • Cruises from one object to another
  • Can stand alone but as soon as he realizes it, he drops right down
  • His bath is his absolute happy place, he goes crazy
  • His favorite thing is to empty any type of bag, bucket etc. The only way I can get ready is to let him throw every piece of makeup out of my bag over and over again
  • He loves having Ben around again and lights up every time he seems him
  • Everett and him are generally very adorable and sweet together but now that Patrick can steal what he's playing with or wreck his game he gets upset at him sometimes
  • Still prefers table food to baby food. Likes oatmeal and raisin toast and mandarin oranges and recently is obsessed with water.
  • He can now wave and clap and it is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Anytime anyone says good job or yay or even just smiles at him he claps his little hands and then proceeds to do his other 'tricks' by waving and then doing the indian call hand to mouth noise.
  • Says mama and dada when we ask him but doesn't really call us those yet.
  • Not a cuddler 
  • Still loves nursing (all night long) should be interesting as I plan to wean him at one year.
  • Still thinks his carseat was sent to this earth to destroy him.
  • Hates getting his diaper changed and getting dressed. 
We just love him, Ben commented today on his 'resting pout face' when he is just observing or not doing anything, his little cheeks hang and his mouth is in a little pout and he looks so delicious I could die. He makes me so happy.


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