Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Patrick: One Year

weight: 18.5 (6th percentile) height: 29 inches (23rd percentile) head circ: 45.9cm (43rd percentile)
6 teeth, size 4 diapers.

My baby is a year! I know I have said this over and over but it's hard to remember a life without him, he just fits. This morning I took Everett to the store while Patrick was napping at home with Ben and Everett kept asking "where's Patrick, I want him to be here with us"  He is such a happy kid, who would have thought after this first 4 months of his life where he screamed non-stop!  He is clingy to us but also waves and says hi to anything that moves.  Here is what is new with Pattywack:

  • Waves frantically and says hi
  • Points and 'ooohhhhsss' and 'woooooahhh" at EVERYTHING
  • Starting to want to walk, can stand up on his own and his record is about 7 steps
  • He doesn't crawl down the stairs anymore, he lays flat on his tummy and slides the whole way down
  • All of a sudden likes baby food again. YAY! Pouches are so convenient.
  • Loves to put things in other things like crayons into vases or toys into buckets
  • Will entertain himself as long as I am doing nothing, but if I am trying to do something he wants contant attention HA!
  • Says mama, night night, bubbles, hi, dada (sometimes) 
  • Starting to dance when he hears music
  • Still despises the car seat
  • ALWAYS has to be holding something in both hands-preferrably markers
  • FREAKS OUT over animals. LLOOOVVVEEESSS them.
  • Still a really bad sleeper but better than he once was. I am planning to wean him in the next month or two and hopefully he sleeps better after that.
  • DIE HARD nurser. Loves it more than life itself.
Happy birthday Pumpkin, I can't believe I was so lucky to get you!

Here is a little video I made for his first year!

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