Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Christmas Card Letter I Never Sent!

We took the family pictures, I designed the card, got them printed, bought the envelopes but the Stamps and sending part of Christmas Cards really was the un-jumpable hurdle. So here I am, New Years Eve, posting our card and a little annual letter update on my blog! 

It has been another overall pretty great year for us! We have had our ups and downs of course, but still "surprisingly.....upbeat!" We are still in Provo in an apartment we love for the moment and finally getting to know our neighbors and making new friends! We spent the summer in California and Canada and were also able to travel to Arizona a couple times. Two kids this year has kind of rocked our world a little bit. We haven't gotten much sleep this year and have had to learn a lot of patience, and although it sounds cliche, it is all worth it! We can't imagine our lives any other way than with our Ever and Pat. 

Ben is still working as the COO of Dash Pest Control based out of California. We love the company and are excited about the opportunities it will bring us in the future. He is able to work from home right now, and the pros definitely outweigh the cons of that! He is still in school at UVU and although he is taking his time, he is still working towards graduation. He continues to work so hard for our family, is a wonderful hands-on dad and makes us all laugh always. This year Ben became a mini-van dad, read a lot of books and has somehow found a way to cheat at rock paper scissors because I always lose and change the dang diaper. I think a proud moment for him in 2016 was when the boys' Halloween costumes were on the front page of Reddit for a couple hours. Reddit is his love language.

I have had a busy year, starting it out with an internship with the blog "The House That Lars Built" and ending it with a seasonal job working for Chatbooks. This year I have really tried to put myself out there more; try things that scare me, try to make new friends, watch a sci-fi movie etc. etc. I tried to find balance with working and mothering and although it was not perfect, it made me realize the importance of forgiveness, priorities, and my husband! I am getting excited for an upcoming weekend in Arizona with friends that will be my first time away from my kids in 4 years! (72 percent anxiety, 28 percent so EXCITED!) It will be the first time I get more than 4 hours of consecutive sleep in 15 months. In 2017 I want to be healthier, improve my graphic design skills and watch Nick Viall find true happiness at last on the Bach.

Everett has had such a huge year, it blows my mind that it was the beginning of this year that we were potty training, because thinking back he just seems too grown up for that now. He is the sweetest kid in the whole world and my best little buddy. He is so smart, loves letters, and has an incredible memory. Starting preschool has been such a highlight for him. Sometimes he can't sleep the night before preschool because he is so excited to go see his friends and learn! He is friendly, helpful and empathetic. His nursery leader asked us what we did with him because he wanted to raise his future kids to be just like Everett, which was about the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. Don't get me wrong, he can win whining awards some days and can still throw a fit that makes me leave Target in the middle of a trip, but overall he makes life more exciting and happy! He played soccer, gymnastics and learned to swim without floaties in 2016 and has kept us laughing with the beautiful way his 3 year-old-mind works. 

Patrick is still such a baby to all of us and we baby him and spoil him rotten. He is our little sunshine and we all adore him, even though, have I mentioned he doesn't sleep?  He is walking, saying words, signing and gives the best slobbery kisses. He has had a rough Christmas break as I weaned him at 14 months. He was a complete nursing addict, so we are trying to help him find a new way to comfort himself. He knows what he wants but can't always communicate it so there is a lot of pointing and squawking and that can be a little frustrating for all parties involved but it is fun to see him be so opinionated and specific all of a sudden. He loves Everett more than life itself and copies his every move, he still hates the car seat. I am so excited to watch him learn and grow even more this year and watch Everett and his relationship get even more fun!

Happy New Year, Auld Lang Syne, Peace out and to All a Good Night! Love the Tremblays.
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