Sunday, March 5, 2017

Everett Says III and Birthday Interview Video

Everett turned four last week! Hip hip hooray, he is as sweet as ever and continues to make Ben and I crack up on the daily!  Here are his latest "Everettisms" and his annual birthday interview video at the bottom.

"Mom the prophet is Thomas S. Monson right? But can I call him Tom Monson?"

"I really miss when Patrick was a basketball in mom's tummy"

"R starts with the letter Bunny!"

"I just know everything in the whole city"

When I was in the middle of weaning Patrick "how are your boobs feeling today mom? Better?"

Trying to open a jar "I'm just having a heart attack opening it"

"Mom Patrick is really stressing me out"

We got a Google Home, and so I said to it"Ok google, play happy music" and immediately after Everett says "Ok Google, play dead fish music"

E-Mom when will I be 14?
M-In 10 years
E-That will be a HUGE day and I won't have feet because I will be a snake
M-No you will still have feet, you will still be a boy
E-Oh ok, I guess I'll just have to always stand on my tippy toes to be tall then

I asked Everett how his ice cream that he was eating in the car was "It's pretty good, I wish it wasn't cold though, can I put it in the microwave when we get home?"

After his baseball class, I asked him how it was "It was pretty boring because I was super sweaty"

We had a Superbowl party at my aunts with a lot of people and every time something crazy would happen, everyone would scream so loud and it kept scaring Patrick so every time I kept scooping him up and comforting him. When we got home later that night, Everett told me "Mom I was scared too when everyone was screaming and I wanted to hug you too, but you were always hugging Patrick and that really hurt my heart" (this one killed me dead)

He loves the song Down by the Bay and we let him sing the rhyming part. These have been some of my favorites

"For if I dooooo, my mother would say......

                   Have you ever seen a fish eating an acorn
                   Have you ever seen an airplane kissing a monkey
                   Have you ever seen a garbage can eating a watermelon
                   Have you ever seen a whale needing to pee
                   Have you ever seen a moose wearing a piece of that cheese I like

These are some of the things he says wrong and I can't bring myself to correct him and I don't want to forget:

Hand Sanitizer-Hanitizer
Perry the platypus (from Phineas and Ferb)-Perry the Poctopus
Jingle Bells-Dingle Bells
Still calls Diarrhea-Cafe-rhea

And here is his video, I love it so much. And here is another Everett Says Post and his Birthday Video from last year here.


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