Monday, May 1, 2017

Everett's Drive-in Movie Party

When I was really young, probably Everett's age, I went to a drive-in movie birthday party for my cousin Katie! It had tickets, and box-cars, and a concession and I thought it was the coolest and most magical party ever! To this day it is really the only birthday party I can remember from my younger years, so I was so happy and excited to throw Everett a drive-in party this year. He really was insistent on a "bad guy party" but we did that for his family get together and I lovingly persuaded him how cool a movie party would be! He does love candy and movies, so we could both agree on that! The kids were all so adorable and well behaved and surprisingly really did sit in their little cars, so contained (ha) nd watch the movie! Of course, we watched Moana, and luckily this took place right before it came out on DVD so all the kids hadn't seen it 403 times then, like I'm sure all of your kids have now.

My parents came to Utah for Everett's birthday this year and it was so fun, every other year before this I am always so sad that they have to miss it and this year I could not have done it without their help! Ok, probably no one cares but I am going to detail some of this party for you-lights, camera, ACTION!

For the little cars, I needed to find boxes that were long enough that the kids would fit but not too tall that they couldn't see over, which was surprisingly hard. The Home Depot and Lowes moving boxes were all too deep, so I ordered these off of Amazon. We cut off 3 of the 4 box top flaps and then we painted them with just sample cans of regular paint from Lowe's. One sample can painted about 3 boxes FYI (also use a roller or you will gouge your eyes out with tiny paintbrushes) I made the steering wheels with plastic plates I cut into, and then put a brad in the middle of the plate to attach it to the cars so they could spin. Then I glued small little black plates on as wheels. I used tacky glue and lots of the wheels fell off, I would use a hot glue gun next time. I was going to put tinfoil circles in all of the wheels to make it look like hubcaps but that just didn't happen, something's gotta give ya know?!

My mom made these cute little licence plates for each of the kids. She found these blank metal plates and then did the names in vinyl. Then, each kid got to take home their little plate too.

MAYDAY MAYDAY! These cupcakes are not actually popcorn on top! You're not even going to believe it. We cute individual little marshmallows and spread them out to make it look like a popcorn kernel, and then used yellow food coloring with a tiny bit of water and brushed it on with a tiny paintbrush. Then, my mom took little pieces of the brown cupcake bottom of an extra cupcake and put it in the middle of the marshmallow to look like the little brown part of a popcorn kernel. We just used a regular cupcake mix, iced the cupcake and then stuck all the mallows on. I am not even going to tell you how long it took to make 12 of these cupcakes. Ok I will, 3 took 3 hours haha. My mom did most of them while I ran around doing other party stuff like a chicken with my head cut off! Freaking worth it. Also, I got the red and white cupcake wrappers from Zurchers here. These were also cute for it, but like $2 per cupcake.
My mom also made this amazing sign from Vinyl for the party, and it made the concession table! She is a hero.
We gave each child 5 little carnival tickets and they each got to come up to the concession and use their tickets to pick out 5 things. I got the tickets and the little snack trays at Zurchers as well. 

To save money and not have the parents hate me for giving each kid a whole box/bag of each candy, I got these little ramekins with lids (3.25 ounce) from Amazon and bought a bag of bulk candy and separated it into these! It worked out perfectly, and I still have about 70 of these left over and find a surprising amount of use for them.
My #1 party tip, cut up tiny pieces of paper for table confetti, it makes such a difference and impact! I got tiny water bottles and juice boxes for the drinks (also cost 1 ticket) and made little boxes of popcorn (Ben helped too)

We got the popcorn from my Uncle's local bounce house company called Jumptown Inflatables, they have the most amazing inflatables and party rentals like this popcorn machine, cotton candy, snow cone machine etc. Check them out! I made the "movie worker" hats. I just asked for some extra hats at In N out. And then covered them in red paper and added a white stripe with white duck tape.

 The striped tablecloth is also from Zurchers. I designed and got the CONCESSION banner printed. (If you want a copy of the banner, let me know and I will send it to you!) Then I made the gold fringe banner by cutting up and taping together pieces of metallic tissue paper, but wished I would have spent the $4 and bought it like this one. Same with the top red fan-thing banner. I made it myself but it took forever and I should have just bought this one. BENEFIT COST ANALYSIS PEOPLE! Also, always always balloons, never throw a party without them.

Invite I designed in photo to the shop. 

Well, that's it, that's all! It was so fun to put on this party, Everett and the kids loved it and I AM MOAAANNNNNAAAAAA!!!


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