Thursday, May 25, 2017

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Zip-A-Dee-A

In March, Ben and I were up talking one night about our summer plans. We wanted to go to Disney again this summer, but after talking more about his schedule and looking at dates, we realized there wasn't going to be a good time to go........BUUUUTTT Ben had spring break coming up in a couple of days. So, we literally decided that night to drive to California and go to Disneyland in two days! We aren't usually very spontaneous people, so this was BIG for us. We stayed with my best friend/cousin at her house ON THE BEACH in Newport and it was such a dream.  We did two days at Disneyland/DCA and I think we are admitting at this point that we are those "DISNEY PEOPLE". I cannot walk in at gate-opening down Main Street without tears running down my cheeks. I love everything about it. I know, some people think thats crazy, because it is crowded, expensive, not as many thrilling rides as other amusement parks, but to us, is really is magical. I know that sounds cliche, but you watch World of Color and try to tell me that you don't feel the MAGIC in your bones people!

Our first day at Disney was the best Disney day we have ever had. It was supposed to rain that day, so the crowds and lines weren't that bad at all. It didn't end up raining and was the perfect, warm but cloudy weather. The lines were short, we went on all the rides we wanted to, the kids were happy and stayed happy, we ate all the treats, and both boys slept the whole way home. The next day was really packed at California Adventure and the lines were a lot longer, the kids were a little bit more tired, but it was still a really great day and World of Color at the end of the night in DCA is my absolute favorite, must-do thing. I want to write a post with my Disney tips, and favorite things and treats and food but another day, another destiny.

Everett's favorite parts were Haunted Mansion (we rode it 3 times), Pirates and Soaring over the World. He even did Splash Mountain which really surprised us. Patrick's favorites were the Golden Zephyr, Dumbo and the characters. He fell asleep twice on Little Mermaid, Haunted Mansion and Pirates (all the dark ones) which was a nice surprise. My favorite is just people watching, walking around, the parades and World of Color. And I really do love every ride. I even love Small World and Dumbo, like LOVE them. Ben isn't here to correct me, but I think his faves were Soaring, Screaming, Splash Mountain and World of Color.

We spent our third day in California at Newport Beach and the kids were in heaven, they played for hours, got sand in every crevice and I finally got it-why people love California so much. We were sad to leave (especially because we knew Patrick would scream the whole way home, which he did) but also because it was just a really great trip. You know how on trips, sometimes things are stressful and the kids are grumpy and then you get grumpy and stressed? That never happened this time.  Although not everything was perfect and the lines were sometimes long, Ben and I "were still surprisingly......upbeat"!

^^^A million thanks to Ky and Alex for hosting us and playing with us. It made the trip that much better! I missed my bestie.

Round 2:

Back in March, it was cheaper for us to buy 3-day tickets, so we did and only had time to use two of the days. So at the very beginning of May, we drove to California again to use our last day at Disney! I guess I was really soaking it up, because I hardly took any pictures. It was the perf way to start off the summer before the boys and I headed to Canada. I already miss it. Mickey4evevev

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Bry Peterson said...

Everything about this is SO FUN! Looks like such a fun and memorable trip!

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