Thursday, June 22, 2017

Currently.....In Canada

Have not blogged in for-ev-ev-ev so I don't even know where to start. It's like when you haven't written in your journal for like 4 years and you feel the need to recap, but that's just impossible, so you just think nevermind and continue to never write in your journal. So I'm just gonna blurb it all out there, no recap,  and tell you all the random stuff I've been thinking about lately.

++SOO the kids and I are back in the MOTHERLAND of Canada. We are doing another one of these summers where Ben works his little butt off in California, and since we wouldn't see him at all really even if we were there, we come up to my parent's house in Lethbridge and play all summer. It is mostly all great, besides missing Ben so much, and not having access to Amazon Prime here in Canada (the former being a little harder probs).

++We went and visited Ben in California last week and although we only saw him for like 2-3 hours a day, it was worth it.  Everett and I were both crying at the airport leaving him.....Patrick was fine, he doesn't really like Ben. haha just kidding, he just didn't really know what was going on. Also, side story here-There is some kind of chemical on our stroller maybe from being stored in the garage, but every time we have gone through security (3 times in the last month) they say it has explosives on it and then this whole hoopla starts and it takes us forever to get through. Ok I am not exaggerating when I say last time they gave Everett (age 4) and Patrick (age 1) FULL PATDOWNS...hahahaha. It was so funny that it almost wasn't extremely annoying. I'm talking, they said the following words to Patrick "Ok, "I'm going to feel around your waistband (diaper) now" People walking by were taking pictures because it looked just so ridiculous.  Anyway, curse you explosive chemicals on my stroller, I guess it's time I hosed it down.

++I don't know what Ben did before we were married because living alone in California, he is truly living up to the bachelor stereotype. He was eating raw hot dogs for Sunday dinner the other night. Also, I called him just before lunch the other day and he told me he was "heating up his mac and cheese he brought for lunch" I said, "I thought you didn't have a microwave at the office?" To which he replied "oh, it's really hot today, I just took the lid off the container and put it on the dashboard in the van for a while" oh. my. gosh. Get this man a wife, or at least a microwave.

++Have you guys listened to the new Harry Styles album. Holy Moly. I love every song, haven't stopped listening to it. Granted, I am extremely biased because I love him very very much. Going to go see Dunkirk and close my eyes through all the war stuff just to see him in his war-torn acting glory.

++Want to see some stuff from around the world wide web that I am coveting? Ok fine, I'll show you because I know you care. My friend showed me this bag and I love it so much, it makes me just want to visit a farmers market and buy flowers and corn-on-the-cob or something. It's probably the cheapest thing on the whole Madewell site too (eyeroll).  It is sold out on Madewell, but we found it here on the collabs websiteThis Zara jacket is hey now what dreams are made of. I love love this choker I got for Christmas from Ben, and wear it every day. I recently got this tiny dainty ring for my pinky with our wedding date on it from the same Etsy shop, and my next item on the list is this bangle with the kid's initials.    I also look at this Asos dress every day, I love it so much, just waiting for it to go like 75% off (smirk emoji) and then out of stock before I can get it in my size!

++Ok so I am 25 days into a Whole 30. You know that dumb diet where you only eat whole foods for 30 days. SO basically only fruits, vegetables and meat. No sugar, carbs, dairy, legumes, Cadbury mini eggs etc. You see....I haven't really monitored what I have been eating or done any sort of exercise in two years. I just got tired of caring when I was pregnant and then nursing and stopped. I lived it up, ate what I want, when I wanted, it was glorious and I deserved it. Then I tried on swimsuits this year and was like........whoopsadaisy. But it's ok. I'm just doing this quick Whole30 to kind of like give myself a kick in the butt, form some better habits. and get back into making better, healthier choices.  My mom is doing it with me which makes it a lot easier. But let me tell you, being on Whole30 on National Doughnut day a weekish ago was a test of sheer will, with my Instagram feed being Satan tempting me at every angle. Rejoice though, because not a donut was had!! After this is over, I have to chase that balance thing again and try to find a middle ground. But so far I am feeling pretty good, lost some weight, making healthy food that tastes good but still really want a donut.  I have done it once before, 4 years ago, check out my thoughts last time here. 

Well there has got to be more important things that I am missing telling you about in my blogs absence but this is what I got today! Here are some fav pic pics from the summer so far:


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