Thursday, September 21, 2017

Bla Bla Bla I made out with a Key Lime Tart yadda yadda....

After Everett's soccer game the other night at Rock Canyon

Happy Thursday that should be Friday! It feels like Friday. We don't have any grand plans for the weekend. Everett has soccer, which is kind of my favorite thing, and I want to be a soccer mom for the rest of my life. We have a to-do list of "Watch Nightmare Before Christmas" (I've never seen it), check out Chalk the Block at the Riverwoods, and Women's Conference! It is 5:30am right now. I am up supposed to be teaching Chinese kids English online (a little side job diddy I do) but the student is a no-show, but I can't leave-so I thought why not bbbbllllaaa bbbllllaaaa, bllloooogggg! I have some completely random and unrelated thoughts to share and internet links.

++Let's get back to the I've never seen Nightmare Before Christmas. When I tell people this they gawk and gasp, it looks weird and creepy and I have never had any desire to watch it, buuuutttt since Ben and I are heading to Disneyland at Halloween (first overnight without kids ever!!!)  and it's all about Jack Skeleton or something, it is something I must do. Is Everett too young for it? It is Disney right?

++Fall is in the air right? I can't go full Halloween just yet, I'm an October 1st kind of girl. These skeleton pajamas were the boy's favorite thing ever last year, so I need to order again a size up before they sell out. Do I have our Halloween costumes planned already? Since last Halloween people. I keep thinking I won't be able to top last years costumes, but it's about the fun right. Ben and I are joining in this year too, which I'm really excited about it. I did find their picture on this random click bait article about inventive Halloween costumes (#11) basically FAMOUS! Check out his Albert Einstein year, and Patrick as the Dalai Lama at 11 days old will always be a favorite.

++Speaking of fall, if you have watched my Instagram stories, you know I have been on a fall clothes FEST lately. I haven't been buying much, but online browsing like it is my job. Here are a few items that are in my abandoned online shopping carts around the web. This camel sweater from Nordstrom. Camel and bows, enough said. I tried on this Madewell shirt sweater top at the store and fell in love but alas walked away. Basically just everything at Madewell, especially this mock neck sweater, I love mock necks, it's like "hey I'm a turtleneck but I like to have 2 inches more fun"! This sweater from a China site is a look-a-like I found for that Madewell one, but you know, it's from a China website so def not as good quality and you never know what you are gonna get so buyers beware (I have had good luck with stuff from there and the reviews are great for this one).
Did you guys know scrunchies are making a comeback? I'm a trend skank so you know I bought a 3 pack. Same with fanny packs (which I think would be peerrrrfffeeeccctttt at Disneyland) Here's another one. I picked up these linen breezy easy pants from Gap for $10 with coupons, a look-alike for these coastal pants I wanted all summer from Anthro.

++You know how wardrobe capsules are all the rage right now? Basically, you pick a certain number of clothing pieces for the whole season (10 shirts, 4 sweaters, 5 pants, 3 shoes, 3 dresses etc) and you only wear that 'capsule' for like 3-4 months! I love the idea of this, the minimalism, the challenge of making new outfits from the same pieces and not worrying as much as what to wear. Here is the thing though. I have been scarred by the Lizzie Mcguire movie. Do you remember that scene where they are at graduation in their grad gowns and the mean girl calls Lizzie out for wearing the same dress under her gown as she did to some dance, unzips her gown and says "LIZZIE MCQUIRE YOU ARE AN OUTFIT REPEATER" I apparently deeply internalized that moment, because I have this fear of outfit repeating. The other day a friend was looking at my phone pictures and wondered why I had so many full body, headless selfies. I was very embarrassed that she had discovered my secret folder where I take a picture to remember what I wore certain days, so I don't repeat that outfit for like another 3 months!! If I have a favorite piece of clothing, like that I LOVE I wear it like once a year, because I  hoard it and save it just sitting in my closet. Such a dummy. I'm really going to try and stop this paralyzing fear of outfit repeating but for now, no capsule wardrobe for me. And that concludes the dumbest paragraph I've ever put out on the internet.

The clip: (start at 45 seconds)

++I had a girls night in Salt Lake this week with some friends and it was so fun. We painted nails, ate takeout Kneaders and chatted our faces off all night. Every time I get together with girlfriends I think I need to do it more often. It is so therapeutic and such a nice break. Now let's talk about Kneaders. Have you ever had their key lime tart? I love lemon and lime desserts. I have been off sugar about 95% of the time for the past 4 months but I got the key lime tart and let me tell you I was having a MOMENT with this tart. It was the most delicious thing I have ever had. I was moaning probably, definitely, praying the other girls didn't ask for a bite while I savored and died over this dessert. It was embarrassing, but I was raving and dying over this freaking tart.  It reminded me of the time this summer I had just finished a Whole 45 (45 days of no sugar, carbs etc.) (I'm so annoying I know), and I was driving to the airport and decided to treat myself to my fav road trip snack. Peanut M &M's. Same thing. I died. There were literal happy tears streaming down my cheeks while eating them. No exxageration.
So that's the thing-I've mentioned I've been trying to eat super clean and healthy this summer, and for some people, after doing this for a while, their cravings go away. Not me. I still want sugar and treats SO BAD all day every day. I guess its ok because I REALLY appreciate them when I do partake.

++I listened to this episode of This American Life the other day and was totally enthralled and surprised by it.

++I read one of those stupid click-bait facebook articles that are usually such a waste of time and halfway through, you're like why do I care "What the actors of the Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman Look Like Now"!! Although, this particular one was about things you can do every day to increase your productivity, and it's working. It had all the benefits and studies about making your bed every day and how all the billionaires started out making their beds or something, so I have been doing that and it really is making me so much happier. So go make your bed and get rich!

Happy ThurFriday!


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